Doll-Sized Potholders

Let your doll join in the Thanksgiving festivities by making her her own appropriately sized potholder! This is a great scrap-busting project, and doesn't take very long at all. So, break out your scissors and fabric scraps, and let's get started!

You'll need two squares of fabric and one or two squares of batting for each potholder (mine were 2 1/4" big) plus a long strip of fabric, pressed in half, for the binding. 2" wide x 12" long worked great.

Start by stacking your potholder body -- put one piece of fabric wrong side up, then sandwich a piece of batting between it and the top piece. Pin everything together, then stitch across the sandwich to secure it. Try diagonals or squares for starters, or circles for a challenge.
Next, lay your binding along one edge of the quilted sandwich -- line up the raw edges, checking that the fold is pointing in towards the middle of the potholder. Stitch from the top edge down, making sure to stop 1/4" from the bottom edge (it's marked with a black line in the picture). 
Fold the binding over itself to turn the corner, then stitch from the top edge down to 1/4" from the bottom again. 
At this point, you should be able to pop open the binding and double check -- yes, you did just make a beautiful miter! Stitch the third side, turning the corner and stopping 1/4" from the bottom as before. 
Next, fold the first part of the binding around the edge of the potholder, and pin it into place. Sew the fourth edge from top to bottom -- that's right, all the way down! You want to catch that first part of binding in this seam. 
To make the loop, press in the raw edge along the binding tail, then press the other edge to meet the fold. Topstitch to finish.
Wrap the tail into a loop, and tuck it beneath one edge of the binding. Then, fold and pin the rest of the binding in place, and topstitch everything down.
And you're done! 
Checkout the video tutorial as well!
Happy crafting,
Melinda for Pixie Faire

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