Pixie Packs Devonshire Outfit Collection

The Devonshire Pixie Pack: This Pixie Pack provides everything you need to make an outfit perfect for Valentines Day! The delicate heart print lace adds a pop of color to this edgy black/white outfit combination. The vegan leather is an exciting find! It's lightweight, soft, and has a slight bit of stretch - and can be used to make a jacket and/or a pair of pants or leggings! Your doll will stand out in the crowd wearing pieces made from this collection of fabrics! Cinnamon Miles hand selected these beautiful fabrics and is excited to share them with you! This fabric collection is put together to work with the LJ Bomber Jacket, Ruched Top (Picture Day Outfit) and High-waisted Jeans  Classic Jeans, Leggings, and / or the QTπ Skinny Utility Pants (but can also be used in any way you wish). It will also work well for any doll size. *Patterns available separately.


What You Get: The Pixie Pack Includes following supplies.

Fabric: Four pieces fabric- A lightweight black stretch denim (7oz weight), White sheer stretch lace with red heart print, paired with a vegan black leather, black rib knit (for ribbing) & black/whtite houndstooth lining - for the jacket.

The lace fabric is large enought to make a variety of items - a tank, skirt, dress, etc. Note the image that shows the lace fabric layered over black and white. The heart print is tiny (about 3/8") but the white lace floral design is quite large, but when gathered, ruched, or layered over white it is not noticeable and the scale of the tiny hearts is perfect!

*Note - Fabric is new and unwashed. Depending on the specific fabric type you may want to prewash it.  Vinyl dolls are prone to staining, we recommend that the vegan leather not be worn for long periods of time if it is in contact with the skin directly (for example - as pants or skirt).

The fabric was hand-selected for it's doll sized scale and weight. It can used to create the specified items or a variety of other pieces! Here are the specific measurements for each piece:

  • Black Stretch Denim 15x28
  • Heart Print Stretch Lace 12x60
  • Black Vegan Leather 12x56
  • Houndstooth Lining 12x28
  • Black Rib Knit 9x15

Buttons: 2 quarter inch buttons in black for the jacket.

Zipper: Black 5 inch separating zipper with nickel teeth and pull.

Elastic: 36" inches of 3/8" wide white elastic.

Velcro: 6" long piece white velcro


More About Pixie Packs: Cinnamon Miles, Karin Pascho, and Melinda Schlimmer are obsessive about fabric! As the Design Team for Liberty Jane Clothing they are constantly seeking new and interesting fabric choices. Their search frequently takes them to special locations like Mood in New York, the famed fabric store that is frequently featured in Project Runway, and Britex in San Francisco - the iconic West Coast fabric destination. The result of their endless searching means that they find things that you will rarely see in your local JoAnn's or other local retailers. Now they are bringing their love for fabric to you through Pixie Packs! Each Pixie Pack is carefully curated and assembled by the Liberty Jane Team with the goal of providing you with a fantastic fabric collection for your new doll clothes project.

Because of the way these fabrics are sourced, purchased, and assembled, the quantity available for each Pixie pack is very limited and will almost certainly never be repeated in exactly the same way twice. 

Shipping Details: This item will ship USPS First Class Mail at a flat rate of $4, unless combined with another Pixie Pack in which case it will ship priority at $6-$9. Items will be shipped within 3-4 business days of recieving cleared payment. International shipping is available for $10 for an individual item and  $15 for combined orders.

Vendor: Liberty Jane

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