The Mini-Couturier Course Bundle!


The Mini Couturier Bundle includes:

  • The Sewing With Specialty Fabrics Course ($19 value) - This includes in-depth videos about fabric types, how to sew with them, what needles to use, special tips, and more. Sew with satin, taffeta, chiffon, tulle, sparkles, and more!
  • The Sewing Couture Techniques Course ($19 value) - Learn the art of sewing with couture techniques, things like french seams, passementerie, hand embroidery, adding sequins, pressing tips, and more!
  • Working With Embellishments Course ($19 value) - This one includes all types of embellishments like applique with lace and trim, iron-on details, and simple hand embroidery. Use these skills to add detail and dimension to your dresses, just like those featured in the auction above!

But wait, there's more!

  • The bundle also includes three 18-inch doll clothes patterns from the Liberty Jane Red Carpet collection - Opening Night, Starlight Gala, and Blossom ($19.97 value). These dress designs are the perfect canvas to add embellishments and create something absolutely stunning! You can also follow along in the video tutorial to see how to mix pieces from the Starlight Gala and Blossom patterns to create a new look!


More About Specialty Fabrics: This master class course is an in-depth video-based training program that provides you with the instruction and techniques to sew with specialty fabrics like Chiffon, silk dupioni, taffeta, sequined sheers, and more!

What's Included In This Program: This course will cover the following topics:

  • Topic Overview
  • Linings, Underlays, and Seam Finishes
  • Delicate Hems and Bindings
  • Performance Costumes and Princess Dresses
  • Resource Guide for all the supplies shown



More About Working with Embellishments: This master class course is an in-depth video-based training program that gives you the tips and techniques to add a variety of embellishments to your sewing projects!

I've been working with adding embellishments for quite a while. I've tried many things that work well and a variety of things that were an epic failure! I'm excited to share the things I've learned with you. Adding the right embellishment to your item gives you the opportunity to stand out and create something unique and beautiful! So let's dive into this topic and experiment with some fun new ideas and techniques. Don't worry, I am a big fan of "Keeping Things Simple" while focusing on the end result looking amazing. I promise this will be a fun course!

What's Included In This Program: This course will cover the following topics:

  • An in-depth overview
  • Easy applique with pre-made iron-on designs
  • Fabric Flowers. Lace Trims, and Ruffles
  • Painting on fabric
  • Hand embroidery and hand-sewn beadwork
  • Resource Guide for all the supplies shown.


More about Sewing Couture Techniques: Couture is a wild and wonderful world of amazing techniques, beautiful fabrics, and luxuriously finished garments. Nothing can compare to holding a really beautifully constructed piece of clothing in your hands! Given the small scale of doll clothing, sewing doll couture specifically is an amazing canvas for these techniques and provides a unique opportunity to workshop new methods and produce amazing art.

  • Introduction to Couture: In this section, we'll learn about Couture and begin to understand Doll Couture vs. Haute Couture. We also cover Hand Stitching and Preparing and Marking Fabric.

  • Pressing Matters: In this section we cover the Theory of Pressing, Pressing Tools, and Pressing Technique.

  • Controlling Bulk: In this section, we'll cover the Theory related to fabric bulk, Preparing the Garment, Clipping, Grading, and Pounding


  • Engineering a Couture Garment: In this section, we'll cover choosing your Fashion Fabric, methods for Perfecting the Fit, how to use Backing Fabrics, Interfacing, Stays, Weights, and Boning. 

  • Embellishments: In this section, we cover Applying Sequins, Beads, Embroidery, and Passementerie. We also cover Fabric as Embellishment and using Lace.




Q. What happens after I buy?

A. You will receive the download link instantly to download the PDF course guide, where you will find the information for accessing the video content. The videos can be streamed or downloaded through the links provided.

More Questions? If you have any questions feel free to email us at


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