Back To School VIP #2


Back To School VIP offer #1: (Sold Out)

Purchase Pattern Academy and Craft Selling Academy together by adding this product to your cart, and receive the following bonuses to help you with your business:

A Professional Branding Consultation: This includes Jason Miles personally working with you to clarify and strengthen your existing brand concept, or helping you craft an entirely new one. Jason was formerly the Senior Vice President of Marketing at a large University, teaches marketing as an adjunct professor and can help you create a professional brand.

A Professional Logo Treatment: Based on your branding consultation Jason will work with you and manage the creative process to have a professional logo treatment done-for-you. You'll be presented with several options that you can choose from. We guarantee you’ll get a logo you’re happy with and feel proud of – and most importantly it will be based on a brand concept that is well conceived and put together – so you’ll be building on a strong foundation – not randomness. 

A Website Built For You: When the logo consultation and treatment is done we’ll complete a website for you. It will include up to five pages of custom content and be connected to your unique URL. The site will feature you, your product information, and contact information. It will include beautiful doll (or other craft) related photography that we will provide to you. Note: You’ll have to help pull some of this together such as your biography, but we'll facilitate that process. Additionally, if you want a (optional) custom domain (URL) then you’ll need to sign-up for a small monthly expense to pay for that moving forward. 

Social Media Integration: (Optional If You Want It): If you don’t have both an Instagram and Pinterest account currently – and want those set up to integrate with your shiny new website – we will even do that for you too. Of course if you already have social media accounts, we will link those to your new website.

Training Material: To ensure you understand how to keep your new website updated we’ll provide a set of resources and training materials so you understand it all. Although we can’t be your website manager moving forward, we are more than happy to answer the occassional question.

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