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What You Get When You Join The Craft Selling Academy Class: The Craft Selling Academy is designed to give you the tools and techniques to successfully sell your art, craft, or private label product online. The course covers three broad selling strategies:

Paid Advertising: In this section Jason walks you through the opportunities involved in online advertising including Google Ads, Social Media Advertising including Youtube, Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as private website advertising strategies. You'll learn how to spend as little as $5 to get BIG results.

Earned Advertising: In this section Jason walks you through strategies involving free advertising via websites, bloggers, local and national media, and company endorsements. He shares what to do, how to approach people, and methods for getting maximum results for zero cost.

Owned Advertising: In this section Jason reveals how to create your own advertising methods that will repay you for years to come and can be considered value business assets. He discusses strategies including website visitors, social followers, email marketing, and customer contacts.  

About The Curriculum: The course will be delivered via video and PDFs via a secure website. You'll also be invited to a Facebook group for the class where you can ask questions along the way and get personal assistance.

Section One: Introduction & Foundation 

Module #1 - Introduction To Successful Selling: In this module Jason discusses how the selling process fits into your overall business strategy and how to ensure you start on the right foot. This foundational module will help you understand the paid-earned-owned approach to selling and provide you with a foundational understanding of selling.

Module #2 - Selling With Words-That-Work: In this module Jason reveals the "words-that-work" and his approach to product description writing. With examples, stories, and templates, Jason provides you the easy-step-by-step approach that will help you sell your work.

Module #3 - Product Photography That Works: In this module Jason walks you through Product Photography strategies that will help you present your items at a professional level. With tips, tricks, hacks, and a low-cost approach Jason shares what is working in today's Product Photography industry.

Section Two: Paid Advertising The Inexpensive Way

Module #4 - Paid Advertising: In this module Jason discusses the best of today's online paid advertising options. You'll learn how to maximize your advertising spending, save time, and ensure you're not wasting money! Topics include:

  • Google Adwords,
  • Remarketing (also called retargeting),
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Pinterest Promoted Pins Advertising
  • Blog and website advertising
  • 3rd party promotional advertising

Module #5 - Paid Advertising Formulas: In this module Jason reveals "the holy grail" of paid advertising and how to understand the "investment" of paying to promote your work. He shares how to understand and budget for an ongoing advertising campaign and strategies for success.

Section Three: Earned Advertising The Easy Way

Module #6 - Working With Traditional Media: In this module Jason discusses how to work with traditional media including authors, website managers, and broadcasters. He shares examples, stories, and strategies to help you become a media darling regardless of the size of your business.

Module #7 - Working With Online Media & Content Publishers: In this module Jason discusses the easiest way to get your story in front of a large number of people for free - working with online publishers such as bloggers and article writers.

Section Four: Building Your Own Advertising System

Module #8 - Email Marketing: In this module Jason explains how to get an email marketing system up and running quickly and easily with zero cost.

Module #9 - Organic Social Media: In this module Jason explains how to attract "earned social followers" on Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. He shows you the quick and easy way to maximize your social media efforts and minimize your time.  

Module #10 - Strengthening Your Bond: In this module Jason shares strategies for strengthening your connection and bond with your prospects, customers, and loyal fans.  

Cost: The program cost is just $199.

About The Instructor: In addition to being the co-founder of Liberty Jane Clothing and Pixie Faire, Jason is a best selling traditionally published author. You can find his books (Instagram Power, Pinterest, Power, and Youtube Marketing Power) online and in Barnes & Nobles and other bookstores worldwide. He is an Adjunct Professor of Online Marketing at Northwest University and regularly speaks around the country on the topics of social media and online selling.

Money Back Guarantee: We know you’ll love the program, but if you’re unhappy with it for any reason, we are happy to provide a 100% money back refund – no questions asked. So there is absolutely no reason not to try the program.

Pixie Points: Be sure to enroll in our Pixie Perks program to receive Pixie Points on this purchase. Points earned for every $50 you spend can be redeemed for a $10 coupon on a future purchase. 

What happens after I buy? You will receive information about the course a few days before it begins. The 1st module will be available on Monday November 2nd, 2015.

More Questions? If you have any questions feel free to email us at

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