How We Give

Our Mission In Life

At Liberty Jane Clothing® and Pixie Faire we are passionate about serving others. It's not a marketing gimmick or a sales strategy, it's a core part of our mission and calling. We live out our mission in life by serving others. 

Before starting Liberty Jane Clothing Cinnamon served in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Ukraine and Jason served for sixteen years at World Vision - a Christian organization focused on serving orphans and widows.

Our Mission In Zambia: When we started Liberty Jane Clothing® we made a decision to give a portion of the proceeds to support orphans and widows in Zambia. It started small, but over the years the project has grown into a real 501C3 charity we named Sew Powerful.

The purpose of the organization is to equip and train seamstresses that are striving to serve their community and make a better life. They do that by sewing for the orphans in their neighborhood. We support them from the profits of Liberty Jane Clothing by providing income, training, equipment, and materials. 



How You Can Join Us

If you're looking for a way to give back and would like to support what we're doing you can join us in several ways:

1. Support our for-profit efforts. When you purchase from Pixie Faire and Liberty Jane Clothing® you help us create the business income we need to continue the work. 

2. Donate Directly to Sew Powerful. We constantly have funding projects (new sewing machines, fabric, etc.) that need to be accomplished, in addition to our basic monthly program budget. If you'd like to give in support of our work simply visit the "Donate Now" page on Sew Powerful and get involved by giving via Paypal.

3. You can also participate in our Sew Powerful Purse Project we do every year. It is an opportunity for you to sew a purse in support of a girl in need. Just be sure to join our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook and you'll hear about it.

4. You can auction items and donate the proceeds. If you let us know about it we will  do our best to help advertise it for you. If you have an auction that is "live" send us a link at 

Unfortunately at this time we do not accept donations of physical items, (machines, fabric, etc.) as the shipping costs are prohibitive.

Thank you for allowing us to serve orphans and widows by your generous support for our work. Together we're making the world a better place.

Jason & Cinnamon Miles