Doll-sized Workout Exercise Mat

Is your doll the active, sporty type? Then this super easy workout mat might just be the craft for her!

You'll need a large sheet of craft foam, some ribbon, and a marker. (Just be sure the marker and the foam get along -- I had to try a couple of different pens before I found one that would dry instead of smearing. :) 

Start by cutting the foam into the size of mat you'd like. Mine is about 8" x 14", a good size for stretching on (and toting to and from class...)

Then, draw on some decorations! I went with a bunch of circles and the word "dance" -- but you could draw on stars, swirls, hearts, or your doll's name. The sky's the limit here, after all....

Next, use a sharp knife and a ruler to cut vertical slits near the top of your mat. Be sure to get an adult's help with this, if you need it! 

Run a piece of ribbon through the two slits.

Roll up the mat, tie the ribbons into a nice bow, and trim off any extra. Now your portable mat is ready to go, anywhere your doll might need it!

Have fun, and let us know in the comments if you make this :)

For Pixie Faire,




January 03, 2015

Great inithgs. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.


October 31, 2014

Sharpie PERMANENT MARKERS (be careful as they are very PERMANENT don’t smear once they are dry.
Fabric paint doesn’t smear but could smear if you touch it before it dries.


October 24, 2014

Why does the one image show the slits on the long end and when she is sittong on mat that slits are on the short end?


March 28, 2014

Thank you! You’re very kind!
I used a “recollections” signature metallic pen — basically I just took a scrap of foam to the craft store and tried different pens until I found this one. :)


March 08, 2014

So, what pen did you find which would not smear.

I love your tutorials. I’ll “Pin” this one, too!

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