July 15, 2015


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How to Make a Peplum Dress

Hello everybody! This week's tutorial is a super awesome, super easy pattern hack to one of our favorite Liberty Jane patterns.

By this point, you've probably heard of (or maybe even made) the LJC Peplum Top. It's a great little pattern that features a zipper closure in the back -- so you get to learn a new skill or two, while making a super cute top!

But this little top can easily be made into an adorable dress, as well. It's super easy to do -- since the peplum is cut from a rectangle, all you have to do is cut a slightly larger rectangle, and then continue on as before. 

(Click on the image, or the link above, to view this pattern on Pixie Faire...)


**GIVEAWAY UPDATE: We have a winner! It's Anna, who said her favorite skirt length is "knee length, because it is modest yet stylish". Good choice Anna! We'll be in touch with you via email soon :)

Here's how to make the dress: 

1. Take the Peplum pattern piece, and some extra copy paper. Tape paper to the bottom and front edge of the Peplum pattern.

2. Draw a line 1/2" away from Center Front, to make a new Center Front. This will add a bit of fullness to the new skirt.

3. Draw a new hemline, 2" below the original hemline, intersecting with the new center front line.

Basically, you just lengthened the peplum 2" to become skirt length, and added an inch of width too (that extra inch helps the skirt fit smoothly around the doll's hips). *Note - These are the specific measurements used to make the dress pictured. If you want to make a longer skirt, simply add a few more inches. If you want a fuller skirt you can add more to the width of the ruffle and just gather it to fit the waistband.

4. Extend the center back to meet the new hemilne and transfer all pattern markings if desired (FOLD, notches, and seam allowance lines) Cut out your modified pattern piece.

5. Follow all the same directions that are in the pattern to sew up your awesome new dress -- the only difference is that the hem of the peplum won't cover the bottom of the zipper (like the instructions tell you to do in step 27). One of our amazing seamstresses came up with this couture technique to cover the raw edge of the zipper tape with a tiny fabric scrap and some steam a seam! You can do something like this or simply cut the end at a point and apply a bit of fray check to keep it from fraying.



Congratulations! You've just hacked a pattern successfully!

Giveaway time!

Want to win this adorable little dress? Great! We'd love to send it to one lucky winner!

To enter, just leave a comment below answering this question:

Which skirt length do you like to dress your dolls in? Why? 

We'll pick a winner on Monday, July 20th, and get in touch with the winner via email. 

Thanks everyone for entering, and have fun with this!

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July 15, 2015

I prefer to dress my dolls in a skirt length just above the knee, though I buy a lot of full length historical dresses for the girls.

Cat Shaw
Cat Shaw

July 15, 2015

Mid length looks the best to me :)

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