Pixie Perks FAQ's

How do I join Pixie Perks?

Customers who have created accounts are automatically enrolled into our Pixie Perks rewards program. If you have not created an account, you can join the Pixie Perks by creating an account after your first purchase completion. If you've made purchases without creating an account, reach out to support@pixiefaire.com and we can re-send you the account activation email.

How do I earn points?

You will earn 10 points for each $1 spent on any purchase at Pixie Faire. (Excluding Sewing With Cinnamon membership fees)

What types of rewards can be redeemed?

A reward is issued as a one-time-use discount code for a fixed-dollar discount or percentage discount. Examples - Earn 1000 points redeem a 15 dollar coupon toward your next purchase. Reward redemptions may vary from time to time, offers such as free shipping or free classes may become available.

Are There Restrictions?
How do I redeem rewards?

Once logged into your account, you can redeem rewards through the Reward Redemption widget, which can be accessed by clicking the button located at the bottom left corner of the store or the "My Pixie Perks" menu option at the top of the website. There you will see your current points collected and what redemption rewards are available to you. Click the one you want to redeem. You can click to use the coupon immediately (if you are going shopping now) or you can wait and use it later. 

How do I use my rewards?

To use a reward, copy and paste the coupon code into the Discount Code block on your checkout screen and click Apply. Coupon codes do not expire. Each discount code can only be used once and does not carry a balance. Therefore in order to get the full reward, you should apply the code to an order totaling over the dollar amount being redeemed.