Pixie Faire Team About Us

At Pixie Faire, we believe every project is an opportunity to express yourself in a unique and creative way! Our designs are inspired by the on-trend styles of the world around us and the rich beauty of historical fashion, we offer a curated collection of designs that we hope, inspire you to create beautiful pieces while developing your sewing skill set!

But our passion goes beyond dolls and design. We’re dedicated to serving our community of amazing collectors and sewists by showcasing their work and offering a wide range of how-to projects and sewing patterns!

Our team is here to serve you! We work hard to bring the ideas and project to life. Each person from the founders to the photographers play an important role in making it all happen!

Meet the Pixie Faire team:

Cinnamon Miles

Cinnamon is the co-founder of Pixie Faire, Sew Powerful, and Liberty Jane Clothing. She quickly made a name for herself in 2008 with the emergence of her small-scale design work for Liberty Jane in 2008. Her passion is Fashion in Miniature. She has served as an official Brand Ambassador for Bernina, and is a bestselling author of several sewing and design books.  She serves as a member of the Fashion Advisory Board at Seattle Pacific University and in 2017 launched the thriving Sewing With Cinnamon membership.

Jason Miles

Jason is the co-founder of Pixie Faire and Sew Powerful. He has a graduate degree in Business Administration and undergraduate degrees in both Organizational Management and Biblical Studies. He formerly served as Senior Vice President of Advancement for Northwest University. He is a co-owner of a growing collection of e-commerce brands and enjoys writing and speaking on the topic. He's the author of a series of business books available on his Amazon Page

Shari Fuller

Shari works with our growing group of independent design partners to get their patterns published on Pixie Faire. She has been involved in the industry for many years, has several published books, and has been featured as a contributor in Doll Castle News magazine. She also brings both Thimbles and Acorns and Keepers Dolly Duds patterns to Pixie Faire. Her love of history is apparent in her beautifully detailed design work.


Chris Saunders

Chris supports Pixie Faire customers by providing helpful information, answering questions, and responding to inquiries. She serve as the front line of support for clients and customers and help ensure that customers are satisfied with products, services, and features. She is also the designer of the Love U Bunches pattern brand, available exclusively on Pixie Faire!

Steve Arnold

Steve spent thirty years in retail management before joining Liberty Jane Clothing. Now he’s our operations pro – ensuring we’re quickly fulfilling the growing number of orders that are flooding in – and advising us on how to continue to professionalize our operations. And yes – Steve is the patriarch of our family, (Cinnamon’s dad). We are honored to have him on the team!

Vicki Arnold

Vicki started in the fashion industry as a cutter at Switched On Limited in Santa Monica California. Later she taught a little girl how to sew and helped her figure out how to make doll clothes for her 17 inch Kimberly doll. Yes – you got it – that little girl was Cinnamon! Vicki is the guru behind the guru – the amazing seamstress who taught Cinnamon all the tricks of the trade. Now she serves as the official “cutter” for Liberty Jane Clothing.

In-House Photographer

Are you the creative type? Specializing in capturing the world through a camera? You might be just the person we're looking for! Use your artistic and technical skills to create images that customers will love. Apply Today! 

Donna Kinley

Donna heads up our product listing team and works to extend our reach on Etsy, adding and reviewing our product listings in both places! She also serves on our preapproval committee contributing to the Pixie Faire publishing process. Her design talent is featured in her DKinley pattern brand and she is a frequent contributor with Sewing With Cinnamon.