Advertise On Pixie Faire

Dear prospective advertiser,

Pixie Faire advertising is a great way to spread the word about your doll clothes business. We work hard to ensure each advertiser is happy and while we cannot guarentee any results, we can tell you that we have a very active user community and they are eager to engage with the content on our site.

Ideal Advertisers Are: Sew-from-home doll clothes sellers. If you hand-make your items we'd love to work with you. We don't support ads for mass manufactured doll clothing items.

Image Quality & Standards: We reserve the right to reject ads at our discretion either because they are a bad match for our audience, or due to poor quality images and graphics. Low quality submissions might include blurry, poorly light, over exposed, cluttered, or generally unattractive photos. Please ensure your image ads are bright, uncluttered, and attractive. If we need to reject an ad we will contact you and explain the reasoning. Our goal is to help you be successful and we'll work hard to ensure that happens.

We offer two advertising options for various budgets including:

Hello World: The Hello World package is designed for entry level exposure on our very popular "Shop For Doll Clothes" page. Your logo or store name will be featured and people will be directed to your Etsy shop or online store. This is set up as a recurring monthly payment, so if you're interested please email us directly at support @

Name In Lights: The Name In Lights package is a one-month ad purchase. It is designed to give you massive exposure on our most prominent weekly posts, including the Freebie Friday post, the Sewing Tutorial post, and the Craft Tutorial post. 

More About Pixie Faire: In a recent quarter, (April-June, 2014) we had the following site statistics:

Purchasing Advertising Now:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I don't know how to make the ad - can you do it for me? 

A. Unfortunately we cannot make ads for you, but we highly recommend using the Ad Making Community on Fiverr. For just $5 you can have someone make the ad for you. Just look for a designer with a high rating and a style you like. They will give you a finished ad that you can then place on our site. (Note - our Image Quality & Standards Guideline still applies).

Q. How do I know if my ad is working once I pay to place it on your site?

A. After your ad is approved you are given an easy-to-access dashboard so you can see real-time reporting. The charts are nice. Here is a litle example (image to the right):

Q. I can't afford these rates - is there anything cheaper?

A. Our "Hello World" level is designed for entry level advertisers. For just $15 a month you can start to evaluate whether advertising on Pixie Faire is right for you. 

Thank you for your interest in advertising on the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to work with you!

The Pixie Faire Team