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January 19, 2023

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How-To Make A Valentine's Day T-shirt For Dolls

Are you interested in creating super adorable Valentines themed t-shirts for your dolls? Watch the video below to see examples of the one's I've created using the T-Shirt Variations Pattern, Baseball Tee pattern, and the Hoodie Dress pattern paired with a few different embellishment techniques.

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November 09, 2022


How To Make a 1774 Hornbook For Dolls

We're wrapping up our historical school supply series with the third item, a hornbook, to complete the set.

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1920s Fashion For Dolls - A Pixie Faire Style Guide

We’ve put together the ultimate style to help you make a historically accurate 1920s look for your doll such as Claudie Wells™ the newest historical character from American Girl®! 

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July 27, 2022


How To Make A 1774 Copybook For Dolls

Are you ready for the second tutorial showing you how to make school supplies for historical dolls such as Felicity Merriman? A girl in the 18th century would not have had notebooks of lined paper to do all her writing on. She was provided with a copybook, which was a small bound book of paper. For our copybook, we are going to use some pretty paper Felicity would like, then we get to write in it ourselves!

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June 23, 2022


Love From Lola Amelia Bobbie Pattern Mash-Up

Did you know that many patterns can be used interchangeably? In this patten hack, Laura the designer of Love from Lola, shows us how to combine the Bobbie top with the skirt portion from the Amelia pattern to create a darling wrap-front dress for an 18-inch American Girl doll! Follow along to see how it's done!

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18" Doll Swimsuit Cover-up Free Tutorial

Make this cute swimsuit cover-up to help beat the summer heat!

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1940s Fashions For Dolls - A Pixie Faire Style Guide

We’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you make a historically accurate 1940s look for your doll, such as Molly McIntire®! 

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