DIY St. Patricks Day Shamrock Tee For Dolls

Finding something green to wear for St. Patrick’s Day was always a challenge for me growing up - I just didn’t have a lot of green in my wardrobe. My dolls suffer the same plight, so I decided this year to make something they could totally rock on St. Patty’s Day - A custom Shamrock painted tee! You can do this craft for any size doll, with any size shamrock, multiple shamrocks, or any other shape or design!

Freezer paper is an amazing supply to have in your craft room! Making your own stencils or resists can get addicting, plus you can use it to make appliqués, quilt paper piecing, and so many more things!

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•Doll tee shirt, any color, but green is a good choice!
•Freezer paper
•X-Acto or craft knife
•Self-healing cutting mat (if you don’t have one of these, you can substitute a few layers of cardboard)
•Green craft paint
•Yellow craft paint (optional)
•Small foam stencil brush or paint brush
•Scrap cardboard
•Iron and ironing board
•Computer and printer (not required but will make it easier)

Step 1:  We want to get our shamrock shape onto the freezer paper. You can easily draw one, but I used my computer. I found a clip-art shamrock shape, sized it to 1.5 inches tall, and printed it onto the freezer paper! You can do this by first cutting your freezer paper to the size of a piece of computer paper, then put it in the paper tray so that it prints on the wax side of the freezer paper. If you print on the paper side, the wax side is likely to jam up your printer. Ask me how I know. ;-) I printed four shamrocks on my paper in case I messed one up, or in this case, since I wanted more than one on my shirt.

Step 2:  Cut out your shamrock! Use your X-Acto knife and your self-healing mat, or again, you can put a few layers of cardboard underneath to protect your table. Save your cut out shapes because we are going to use them in a minute!

Step 3:  Put your shirt on your doll and find where you want your shamrock(s), using straight pins to keep them in place. I would do this even if you are only putting one shamrock on your shirt - it often looks best a placed a little higher than true center. 

Step 4:  Next, trim around the shamrock stencil you created so it is more manageable - mine was trimmed to about 3 inches by 3 inches. Using the pinned on shamrock as your guide, place the stencil wax side down onto your doll shirt. Heat your iron to the cotton setting and turn off the steam. Iron on your stencil for 5-15 seconds, until you have a good clean seal on your design.

Step 5:  Cut a piece of scrap cardboard to put under your shirt to keep the paint from passing through and put it under your shirt. Now we get to paint! 

Use your paint or stencil brush to dab on the green paint. Don’t make it thick; you want to *just* use enough paint to cover the fabric, not overwhelm it. I found that once my first coat dried it looked a little splotchy so I did a second coat.  Once the paint has dried thoroughly, simply peel off the stencil. You can reuse this one for your second shamrock, but make sure the paint on it is completely dry before you do so that you do not get paint on your iron. Using your second pinned on shamrock as guide, repeat steps 4 and 5 to finish painting the shamrocks.


Step 6:  This one is optional, but I found it gave my shirt that little something extra to make the design “pop”. Once your green paint is dry, use the end of your paint brush and dip it in the yellow paint, then use this to add yellow dots all the way around the shamrocks, as in my photo. Repeat for the second shamrock and you are done! 


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Thanks everyone!

For Pixie Faire, @forofsuch

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Thanks Everyone!

Cinnamon & The Pixie Faire Team

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Ruth Ann
Ruth Ann

March 02, 2021

I think my Samantha would like a beanbag chair made from some blue Ultrasuede I can repurpose from a thrift shop skirt.

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