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Welcome To Sewing With Cinnamon & Friends!

Welcome to the Sewing With Cinnamon and Friends sewing club! We're super excited that you're here! To access the content and find our community follow the steps outlined below:

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Step 1:

  • Request to join the Facebook group "Sewing With Cinnamon". This is where all the daily interaction will happen! We monitor the group daily and will approve requests within 24 hours (beginning April 4th). If by chance you use a different FB username that you filled out on your sign up form, just contact and let us know.


Step 2:

  • Check the "Sewing With Cinnamon Blog" for tutorial posts and group content. This blog is for club members only. These posts will be shared inside the facebook group as well, but if you aren't a FB user and want to just access the membership benefits on the Pixie Faire site - this will be the place for you to find everything you're looking for! 


Step 3:

  • Get ready to learn and improve your sewing skills in a super fun community of seamstresses!
  • Sewing With Cinnamon Overview:

    Each week on Tuesdays, we'll post new content for the scheduled topic of the month. Simply use your coupon code (for the designated month) to download one of the suggested patterns (or any other LJ brand pattern if you already have the ones mentioned), begin sewing the pattern following the instructions in the PDF. Check the posts in the FB group or directly on the Blog (linked to the SWC blog on Pixie Faire) for tips and techniques to apply to your project.

  • Here's a link to the FB group "Pinned Post" it's a table of contents for all the group posts/activitiy.
  • Share pictures under the Member's Showcase posts for that specific topic - we'd love to see what you've made! Share pic's and questions for troubleshooting under the posts for that specific topic. We will be monitoring the activity here on Fb and respond as quickly as possible! The group moderators are Cinnamon (that's me!), Dawne, and Georgette. Dawne & Georgette both has a vast knowledge of sewing and machines, so ask away.... We're here to help you expand your skillset and sew with confidence!


Sewing Swimsuits - Fold Over Elastic

Hi Everyone! In Part 3 we are going to take a closer look at sewing with fold over elastic. This is a super easy way to finish off the hemlines of both cotton knits and swim knits. It may take a little practice to get the hang of it, but once you do, it will open up a new set of possibilities for your sewing projects!

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