Crafter-Friendly Fireplaces for 14" - 19" Dolls

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There's nothing like a fireplace to evoke feelings of cozy warmth and comfort. Humans have been drawn to their hearths and flames for hundreds of years, and now it's time for dolls to have their own version, too!

The Crafter-Friendly Fireplaces pattern, by Forever 18 Inches, has been designed for people who love crafts but lack wood-working skills or tools. All of the pieces for the fireplaces can be cut with a sharp-bladed utility knife and are fitted together with hot glue, packaging tape, and glue sticks. Materials used for construction are common items easily found in craft and hobby stores, home building supply stores, dollar stores, and stationery supply vendors. A list of alternate materials that can be substituted for key items on each supply list is also included. Read through the instructions and alternative supply list before purchasing materials and beginning your project. You may save some money and travel time! 

Three finishing variations ranging from Easy to Intermediate are included:

  • A Classic Fireplace made with painted balsa wood sheathing.
  • A Rustic Fireplace with a faux rock covering
  • A Simple Fireplace that can be created entirely from glue, Foam Core, and paper.

The PDF delivery will include 3 separate files, one for each finishing style.

This is a tutorial style crafting pattern. There are no pattern pieces to print out. All the measurements are provided to cut your pieces.

Also available - The Crafter Friendly Holiday Accessories pattern is designed to coordinate with this fireplace!

Supplies Needed:

Classic Fireplace, Rustic Fireplace, Simple Fireplace
To Construct the Fireplace Frame:

  • Three sheets of approximately 21" wide x 30" long x 3/16"deep Foam Core board. (OR: cardboard from similarly-sized large boxes--just be prepared to adjust cutting measurements for certain pieces of the fireplace. No measurements for cardboard are given because of the variation in cardboard thicknesses.) (Note: if you substitute cut Foam Core for the brick paver, you'll need FOUR sheets of Foam Core board instead of three sheets.)
  • A utility knife
  • A long ruler for guiding cutting (I recommend a 24" metal ruler backed with cork to help prevent slipping)
  • A large surface on which to cut Foam Core, paper, and balsa wood (I recommend a self-healing cutting mat used for fabrics that includes 45 degree cutting guidelines)
  • A hot glue gun (the type used for crafting)
  • A bag of hot glue gun sticks (you'll be using A LOT of glue)
  • Two giant-sized school glue sticks in a tube (I used Elmer's Washable Purple School Glue Sticks®)
  • A brick PAVER (not a full brick) measuring approximately 1-5/16" deep x 3-3/4" wide x 8" long to help weight and ground the fireplace
  • Scissors for cutting paper
  • Optional: A T-square to help make accurate 90 degree cuts
  • Clear packaging tape used for shipping boxes
  • One large flat-bristled brush with soft hairs and a good spring (bristle area approximately 1-1/2" long by 7/8" wide).
  • Four pieces of 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper for the firebox and front facing (I used a brick-printed paper) OR one roll of similar adhesive-backed shelving paper, OR even gift-wrapping paper. Note: Plain black or dark gray paper may be substituted for the brick-printed paper.
  • Optional: two pieces of 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper (OR adhesive-backed shelf paper OR gift-wrapping paper) to cover an optional Foam Core hearth (I used brick-printed paper to match the firebox.) One large roll or two small rolls of shelving paper should be enough for the inside of the firebox, the outside firebox facing, and hearth).
  • One piece of 3/8" deep x 6" wide x 36" long balsa wood (for the mantle), OR two pieces of 12" x 12" scrapbooking paper (OR adhesive-backed shelf paper OR gift-wrapping paper) to cover a foam core mantle.
  • Optional: a couple of small cosmetic sponges to rub out bubbles in the scrapbooking paper and to apply smoke patterns

Additionally - Classic & Rustic Fireplaces

  • One piece of 1/8" deep x ½" wide x 36" long balsa wood (for the firebox trim) 
  • Optional: Two pieces of 1/8" deep x 1/8" wide x 36" long balsa wood (for the firebox trim) 
  • Optional: Omit Item Nos. 6 & 7 balsa wood trim and substitute one piece of purchased cove molding measuring approximately 11/16" wide that's at least 36" long. 
  • Optional: a coping saw if you choose to use cove molding
  • Optional: a miter box if you choose to use cove molding
  • Spackle to fill in wood joints
  • Extra fine-grit finishing sand paper to shape and smooth the balsa wood or cove molding
  • Acrylic paint for the wooden sheathing, mantle, and trim (I used a large tube of white fine art paint with excellent coverage)
  • A very small amount of black acrylic paint to simulate smoke patterns in the firebox

Additionally - Classic Fireplace Only

  • Two pieces of 1/8"deep x 6" wide x 36" long balsa wood (for the fireplace sides & front sheathing)

Additionally - Rustic Fireplace Only

  • Two paper egg cartons for the fireplace sides and partial front facing. 
  • A quick-setting craft glue to apply the torn pieces of the egg carton to the fireplace.
  • Optional: a couple of small cosmetic sponges to rub out bubbles in the scrapbooking paper, apply smoke patterns, and dab paint onto faux "rocks."
  • Mod Podge® in a matt finish to seal the faux egg carton "rocks" and Mantle
  • A light neutral-toned spray paint.

(All Versions):  Faux Flames  & Logs

  • A flameless tea light
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks (already mentioned in the Part I Supply List)
  • A small square of aluminum foil
  • A red permanent marker with a chisel or medium-sized rounded tip 
  • A yellow permanent marker with a chisel or medium-sized rounded tip
  • A small branch cut into doll-sized pieces for logs
  • A small amount of black acrylic paint and a brush to add a charred effect to the logs (paint and brush already listed in Part II Supply List) 

Skill Level:  Easy & Intermediate

What You Get: One 37 page, One 41 page, and One 43 page crafting pattern that you digitally download as a PDF file so you can start your project immediately! The PDF crafting pattern provides full color step-by-step illustrated instructions. A PDF reader is required to view and print the files (example: Adobe Reader or Preview for MAC). The download link is received immediately after the transaction is complete. Print copies are NOT available.

Download, Print, Craft!

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