Mini Applique Christmas Design Set 1 Machine Embroidery Designs

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Mini Applique Christmas Set 1 - Machine Embroidery Design by Genniewren Designs. This set of mini applique Christmas designs contains 16 designs. The set includes two versions of the Christmas pudding, one with a fill stitch cream topping and one with an applique cream topping, and three versions of the stocking design each with a different style of cuff.

Each design is smaller than 2.5" square, which makes the designs ideal for 18-inch doll accessories and clothing, or for use on baby clothes such as all in one body suits and baby hats. These small Christmassy themed designs would be fantastic for quick to sew Christmas cards and decorations too.

The designs are all manually digitized to reduce jump stitches. The shapes of the designs are relatively simple, and areas that might normally be appliquéd in larger sizes have been created in fill stitch in this design set so as to minimize cutting and trimming very tiny pieces of applique fabric.

The zipfile also contains a bonus tutorial for embroidering applique designs on doll teeshirts.

“But what is Christmas pudding?” I hear you ask.

It is a rich fruity dessert that’s traditionally eaten in Britain after the roast turkey on Christmas Day. It contains all sorts of goodies like dried fruits, candied peel, eggs, sugar, suet, treacle (molasses) etc. The original versions were boiled in a cloth, hence the round shape in the design set, but nowadays we use a basin and steam the pudding.

Stir up Sunday is the traditional day that the puddings were made. Each member of the household was invited to the kitchen and made a wish or said a quick silent prayer as they stirred the pudding mixture.

Even rationing in WW2 did not stop the British making their Christmas puddings. People saved up their rationed food items such as sugar, dried fruit, fat and flour for weeks and weeks to have enough to make a decent pudding. Shredded apples, carrots, parsnips and even beetroot were added to the wartime puddings to add sweetness and eke out the reduced sugar rations. You will still find the apple and carrot in many of today’s modern recipes for this traditional Christmas treat.

The usual accompaniment to Christmas pudding is brandy sauce, but nowadays clotted cream, ice cream or even custard are served with it.

The pudding is normally brought to the dinner table with great fanfare, usually with the lights turned out. Brandy is poured over it and set aflame. Cue the oohs and ahs as the blue flames race around the pudding and slowly die off. Then the pudding is cut into portions and served.

Six small silver charms were traditionally buried in the pudding mixture before it was cooked: a bachelor’s button, a wishbone, a bell, a horseshoe, a sixpence and a thimble. Each charm has its own meaning relating to the future profession of the recipient, about whom they will marry, or about their immediate future. Today for hygiene reasons, the charms are usually added when the pudding is served rather than being cooked in with the pudding mixture. Some of the charm sets used have been handed down in families for over 100 years.

So that's Christmas Pudding. There are lots of recipes on the internet. Why not try it next year?

Design Hoops and Sizes:
4X4 HOOP, Design sizes. All designs are 2.5" square or smaller. Largest 1.99" x 1.99", smallest 1.44" x 1.97".

Machine Formats:

Additional Supplies Needed:
Small scraps of suitably colored fabric for the applique parts of the designs.

What You Get: Sixteen embroidery machine digitized designs in 8 file formats. You will receive an instant download zipped file that contains a folder with each of the file formats listed above. Each file format is conveniently saved in its own separate folder for easy use. You need to be able to unzip the zipped file to use it. You must have an embroidery machine and know how to transfer the file to your machine in order to use this.

*This is NOT an iron on or patch. 

*Creating a customer account will ensure that you have the ability to access your purchased (and free) files at any time.

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