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Doll Clothes Storage Course Overview:

Download the 4-part blog series as a PDF to save for future use. The content and video links are all in the PDF.

    January 2021 Topic: Doll Clothes Storage and Snuggle & Store Tote Sew Along

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to the organization themed topic of doll clothes storage! I'm sure this is something that has challenged us all! I've tried many different storage options over the years, and as my collection of tiny garments has grown, I've been challenged to optimize and discover new ideas to keep it all nicely organized. I'm excited to share the things that I've discovered and am also excited to be joined by Donna and Shari as they share a few tips too!

    During this topic, we will look at several ways to store and organize your "Fashion in Miniature" clothing items. The topic will be divided into a 4-part series: 

    • In part one, we will do a sew-along of Liberty Jane's Dress Form pattern (available separately).
    • In part two, we will show you a few container storage options for things that might not hang well.
    • In part three, we will show you a few of our go-to hanging storage options.
    • In part four, we will introduce our newest pattern (avaialble separately) - The Snuggle & Store Tote - with a sew-along video!

        About The Curriculum: You will receive a PDF course guide with information and video download links. The content for the course is broken down into a four-part series, each with in-depth video instruction. The videos can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

        Note - This is the same Doll Clothes Storage course offered in January 2020 through the Sewing With Cinnamon Membership now avaialble to the public.


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