Sewing The Doll-Sized Quilt Master Class Course


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The Doll-Sized Quilt Course Overview:

Download the 4-part blog series as a PDF to save for future use. The content and video links are all in the PDF.

In March, for Quilting Month, we made doll size quilts in Sewing WIth Cinnamon! Fun fact—I had never personally sewn a quilt before we did this—eek! Have you sewn a quilt? I have had the pleasure of visiting many quilt shows through our charity work with Sew POwerful and in February 2020 had jsut returned from the Quilt Con in Austin, and was definitely feeling a little inspired to try something new!

Well, luckily, my sister and fellow pattern designer Terah of Lilie Stone, is an avid quilter! Over the course of this topic, we will use the beautifully designed Tropical Illusion doll-sized quilt pattern and create a stunning quilt at the small doll scale! (Please note, the quilt pattern is available separately, this course is a sew-along)

This pattern might look complex, but the method used to piece together the block is pretty simple—or at least it looks that way! So don’t fret if you aren’t a quilter :) We will be learning together as we create this keepsake piece! And if you don’t want to use it for your dolls, you can keep it as a wall hanging in your sewing room or studio!

Sewing The Doll-Sized Quilt Topic Will Include:

  • Part 1 - Topic Overview, Review the Pattern, Gather up supplies

  • Part 2 - The Sew Along Part 1

  • Part 3 - Sew Along Part 2, explaining and demonstration the two variations

  • Part 4 - Finishing the quilt

  • Part 5 - Accessorizing the bed with sheets, Pjs, and cute little plush felt toys to complete the look!

    About The Curriculum: You will receive a PDF course guide with information and video download links. The content for the course is broken down into a four-part series, each with in-depth video instruction. The videos can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

    Note - This is the same Sewing The Doll-Sized Quilt course offered in March 2020 through the Sewing With Cinnamon Membership.


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