Better Together

At Pixie Faire and Sew Powerful, we’ve always believed, and frequently said, we are better together. This week we’ve been challenged to apply that idea in response to the tragic events gripping our country.

We’ve spent all week discussing how best to engage – how best to lend our voice to the cause of justice. How best to express our genuine love and care for our black neighbors. We aren’t sure we have answers yet, nor do we understand the struggle or hurt, but our hearts are sure of a few things,

We’ve spent the last decade trying to bridge two worlds. The world of American affluence and the brutal world of extreme poverty in Zambia – and the truth is – we thought our voices didn’t matter on issues in the U.S. But times change, and we believe God shines a light on issues through all sorts of methods, so that healing, hope, and true life in all it’s fullness can be everyone’s portion. We want that – for everyone – everywhere.

We also believe that bias, in any form, and used by anyone against another person, needs to challenged and corrected. That’s how we get better together. 

With Love,

The Pixie Faire, Liberty Jane, and Sew Powerful teams