Designer Central Freebie Friday Promotion Guidelines

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Pixie Faire Freebie Friday Promotional Guidelines

Overview: Each Friday we make one pattern available for free on Pixie Faire. Freebie Friday was first launched on March 21st, 2014. The event has become a cornerstone of the Pixie Faire customer experience. We regularly have between 10,000 and 13,000 customers download the free pattern each week. It is a great tool to expose customers to a brand, designer, or design.

The Voting Process: Our tradition is that on the Wednesday before we publish a blog article announcing 4 potential patterns with a voting so customers can vote on which (of 4) patterns should be free. Then the winning pattern is free for 24 hours starting at midnight (pacific) on Friday. It is not uncommon for us to have 2,000 to 3,000 voters.

It is also a profitable activity as customers add additional patterns to their shopping cart while they are on the site. Over time we have heard from customer that say they “feel like they should buy something” in exchange for the free pattern.

The activity is also financially effective. Friday’s are our largest sales day of the week, by 5-10 times over the average day.

There are four ways our exclusive partners can request to participate in this process.

Method #1 - Featured Designer Freebie Friday: Any designer that has at least 4 pattern that have been available on Pixie Faire for more than 12 months can request to be featured on a Friday. The designer submits the 4 patterns that can be offered for voting starting on Wednesday and 1 will be made free on Friday.

Method #2 - New Perma-Free Pattern Launch: Each designer can have 2 permanently free patterns published on Pixie Faire. If/when you’d like to launch them, we would be happy to feature it on a Freebie Friday if you'd like.

Method #3 - New 1-Day Special Promotion: On fairly rare occasions we mark a special occasion (like the designer’s anniversary) by having a brand new pattern available for free. If/when you’d like to propose a special promotion simply contact Cammie.

Method #4 - Grab Bag Friday: Starting in 2016 we'd like to include a broader range of designers and patterns by having a list of all the patterns in the catalog that can be included in a Freebie Friday promotion. In this way we'll work to creatively

combine outfits and ideas so customers have 4 fun patterns to choose from. We are happy to include any exclusive designers patterns that have been on the site for at least 12 months.

Pattern Requirements: It’s important that the free patterns offered be of high quality with nice cover art and a good quality design. We have found over time that the more appealing the free pattern – the more customers visit the site – and the bigger the sales day. Customers want a GREAT pattern for free. If they perceive it to be a poor quality pattern - they won't show up.

Important Note: Please reveiw your pattern to be sure it meets the Submission Guidelines before the giveaway occurs. This is your opportunity to get your brand out in front of a large crowd, it is also a refection on the quality and standard of Pixie Faire as a whole. Many patterns published before 2016 need to be reviewed and updated.

Additionally, there are other considerations:

1. Having 10,000 to 13,000 people receive a pattern and use it means there will be a lot of reviews. So if there is any technical issue with the pattern customers will be frustrated, and vocal, about the issue. This can reflect poorly on the designer.

2. We ask that patterns either be brand-new or already on the site for 12 months because when a pattern is selected and provided for free it does (mildly) annoy customers that just purchased that pattern. So we attempt to avoid this scenario by having the patterns be either new or (relatively) old.

3. Because the majority of our customers focus on the American Girl doll - those patterns work best. We have (and can) feature an alternate doll, but the customer turnout is significantly reduced. 

Participation Process: Cinnamon and Cammie manage the Freebie Friday process and are happy to answer questions and work with you to ensure you understand the process and your opportunity.