Free Tutorials For Dolls - Craft and Sewing

Find a variety of free tutorials for quick and easy projects for 13-18" dolls such as American Girl, My Imagination, Hearts 4 Hearts, WellieWishers, A Girl for All Time, Kidz n Cats and Les Cheries! Pixie Faire has a variety of no-sew crafts, pattern hacks, simple sewing projects, and more. Click the images below to go to the full blog post tutorials and be sure to check out our YouTube playlist for full step by step tutorial videos too!

Pattern Hacks: After patterns are developed and published, we frequently come up with new ways to use them to make something slightly different. Sometimes, it's mixing pieces from a few different patterns, and other times it's just making a few slight adjustments to the existing pieces. In either case, it doesn't seem different enough to warrant a new pattern, so we've introduced "Pattern Hacks" as a fun way for you to extend the life of your pattern!