Sewing With Cinnamon

Hi everyone, 

Important Announcement: We Have Closed Enrollment For Summer 2017!

Because we've grown so fast, we've decided to close enrollment starting May 31st at midnight Pacific and not open it again until September 1st, 2017. This will allow us to build relationships with our members, get our system organized, and work on our fun summer-time projects with the group without worrying about the sign-up process. When we re-open we'll announce it on Facebook and our Newsletter, so be sure to follow us that way.


Summer-time Topics: For our members, our fun summer-time topics this summer will include:

June Theme - Pockets! Follow along as Cinnamon shows you how to do welt pockets like a pro. Patch pockets, slant/jeans pockets, pockets inserted in to side seams, and much more. This will be a really fun topic that will help you master this important skill.

July Theme - Organizing For Productivity! This is our #1 most requested topic and in July we'll get you organized, streamlined, and mentally and physically prepared to sew sew sew. You're going to love this topic!

August Theme - Bulk Sewing! This topic is ideal for those of you who are ramping up your sewing work for winter-time selling at craft fairs or online. Or for those who just want to make multiples of the same thing as gifts or to expand your collection of items. We'll show you the tricks of the trade and help you speed up, stay consistant and master the concepts to go bigger.

More About Sewing With Cinnamon:

The group is designed to help you become better at sewing in a fun and friendly environment. The program is also a fantastic way to get ongoing rewards from Pixie Faire. 

A subscription will provide "members only" access to content on Pixie Faire. It is ongoing and each month we'll focus on one specific topic for the entire month. You'll get "how-to" tips, instructions, examples, and tricks-of-the-trade.

Plus as a member you can join us in a private facebook group and we'll give you feedback and answer your questions as you practice what you learn in a fun and friendly community. This is optional, so if facebook isn't your thing, that's totally cool!


Full Access To Prior Topics: We started this program in April with a very fun month focused on Sewing With Knits. Then in May we spent the month working on Simple Closures.

When you join the community you get access to these prior topics for no additional charge - an amazing bonus!

Price: The price is just $9.99 a month and will renew automatically until you decide to cancel. You also get a 10% discount if you subscribe for 3 months at a time (after 3 months you will be rebilled $27). You can get a 20% discount if you subscribe for a year at a time (after a year you will be rebilled $96).

What You Get: Each month you'll receive the following,

Bonuses: We have a fun set of bonuses for those who decide to join us. They include,

Join Over 600 Members: We're thrilled to have over 600 members already in the club. Many are excited about the monthly coupon. Many are excited about the community of likeminded friends. Many are excited about learning tips and tricks to improve their sewing. We'd love to have you join us to receive these member benefits too.

What People Are Saying: Our favorite comment so far has to be from Teena B. after the first week she said, 

"Have to say I feel like my year's subscription has already paid for itself with these knit tips & lessons!" 

You might like hearing this feedback from happy members after just the first few weeks:

"Just used the [secret tip #1] and made a beautiful blouse, never knew about this product!!! Wow, it was so much easier to sew!!! I'm learning to sew KNITS!" -Peggy

"Thank you for the tip [secret tip #1] - I have been dreading making leotards for my baton twirler granddaughter. Looks like you solved my problem!" -Barbara

Join Us Today - as a member you get immediate access to all of the benefits and you can cancel at any time. So there is nothing to loose. I hope you'll decide to join us today!

Cinnamon Miles & Friends,