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November Topic: Sewing For The Holidays!

It's November and time to talk about Sewing For The Holidays! This month I invite you all to a month-long sewing party - yay! Together we can plan our projects, set goals, do a few giveaways, and have a fun time while doing it all together!

The topic, or should I say "party" will be divided into four sessions:

It's going to be a fun course! Are you ready? Join us today, click the button above to subscribe!



October Topic: Sewing Perfect Gathers (still available in the group)

This is such an important skill to master so that you have the confidence to finish your garments and project well every time! 

For this topic, I'm excited to announce that Shari Fuller, the designer of the Thimbles and Acorns brand, will be my co-host! She has spent years perfecting the art of sewing and includes many different uses in her pattern collection. We are both really excited to present this topic to you and hope that this course will provide you with the skillset and motivation to incorporate gathering into your projects beautifully!

The topic is divided into four sessions:


September Topic: National Sewing Month Celebration (Still Available in the group)

This month we have a variety of techniques being demonstrated using the Sew Powerful purse as the canvas.


August Topic: Couture Sewing Techniques (still available in the group)

Although you may not use these techniques in all your sewing projects, there are many ways to adapt them to the world of smaller scale doll clothes sewing and construction.

For this topic, we have Melinda, the designer of the Melody Valerie Couture brand, sharing her knowledge of this topic with us! She has spent years perfecting the art of couture sewing and includes many different uses in her pattern collection. We are both really excited to present this topic to you and hope that this course will provide you with the skillset and motivation to incorporate these beautiful techniques into your project work!



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The group is designed to help you become better at sewing in a fun and friendly environment. The program is also a fantastic way to get ongoing rewards from Pixie Faire. 

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"Love the topics. Cinnamon is able to make complex sewing projects look easy.

"I love everything....loving the lessons, the lovely people I have met, the photos of what everyone had made. There is always someone there to help with questions. Lovely, happy place. I check in every day!..."

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