Sewing With Cinnamon

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Hi everyone,

We're thrilled to have over 1000 members already in the club. Many are excited about the monthly coupon. Many are excited about the community of like-minded friends. Many are excited about learning tips and tricks to improve their sewing. We'd love to have you join us to receive these member benefits too!

Join Us Today - as a member, you get immediate access to all of the benefits and you can cancel at any time. So there is nothing to lose, and a lot to gain!

I hope you'll decide to join us today!

~ Cinnamon Miles & Friends


Members receive a coupon code each month for one free pattern (of $5.99 value) from the Pixie Faire catalogue. Choose from over 3,000 current patterns, and new ones added daily, to coordinate with the topic or project focus!


Members receive immediate access, on the Pixie Faire website, to view our entire course catalog on the Sewing With Cinnamon Blog. Over 35 class topics, pattern hacks, and sew alongs. Taught by Cinnamon and featured guest instructors. Learn dozens of techniques at your own pace, anytime.


You're also invited to join our private Facebook community. The group provides a place to share projects, ask questions, allows zero drama, and encourages you to learn and grow together. This is fun for many, but also entirely optional!

Get More From Your Patterns

It's easy to use a pattern to make what's pictured, but what if you could get more from every pattern you own? Follow along as we demonstrate creative ways to expand the possibilities with a variety of existing and newly published patterns! Find pattern hacks and bonus variations that are available to members only. No matter your experience level, find resources to guide you through your next project.  

Improve Skills With Classes & More

With over 30 topics to explore, plus new topics being added monthly, you'll have access to an extensive resource library of sewing techniques, sew alongs, pattern hacks, organizing tips, sewing resource lists, and more! Instructors include Cinnamon, Shari Fuller, Donna Kinley, and other expert guests! Pop in any time and find just what you need to learn something new or improve your skillset!


If you're interested, we invite you to join our private Facebook community of doll clothes sewing enthusiasts. This group is used to share project photos, ask questions, and enjoy sewing together! There is no content delivered through the FB group, just community and conversation.

What You'll Get Each Month You're a Member

  • 1 New Course Topic Each Month - As a member you will get access to the Sewing With Cinnamon Blog. Throughout the year, we will introduce topics with a focus on Sewing Techniques, Sewing A Themed Wardrobe, Sew Alongs, and More!
  • 1 Free Pattern - A coupon to download one free pattern per month (valued at $5.99 or less or maximum discount of $5.99 on any higher priced pattern). You can use this for any brand of pattern available on Pixie Faire. We recommend patterns each month to go along with the current topic. You can choose one of those or any other that you'd like!
  • 1 Free Course Download - A coupon to download one free course per month (valued at $19.00). You can use this to download the full course in a PDF format for offline viewing. Choose the current month or any prior months topic!
  • Unlimited access to our full catalog of courses. All prior SWC topics are available to you to view at any time on the Sewing With Cinnamon "members only" blog. This includes over 30+ topics, hundreds of videos, pattern hacks, sew-alongs and more. This access is view online only as a member.
  • Member Pricing & Discounts - 50% off the list price of all prior SWC topics (published as Downloadable Master Class Courses) available outside of the membership for $19.00. Plus Free Shipping on Pixie Faire.
  • Access To Our Private Community - Optional bonus access to a members-only private Facebook group where you can get to know fellow students, see example projects and get your questions answered in real time.

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Amazing Sign-up Bonuses Valued at $97!

We have a fun set of bonuses for those who decide to join us. They include,

  • Organizing For Productivity Topic (download). This includes a tour of my personal sewing studio! $19.00 value
  • Sewing Meaning Through Purses Topic (download). This includes a cross-over to our Sewing focused charity Sew Powerful! $19.00 value
  • Free access to the Sewing Academy training, a $19 value.
  • The Moto Pants Sew Along Video & Pattern, a $9.98 value.
  • The Ginza Girl Coat pattern & Sew Along Video, a $9.98 value.
  • 4 additional free patterns (Sew Urban, 123 Mulberry Street, Karen Lorraine, and Cute Felt) $19.96 value.
  • Sewing with Cinnamon Project Planner PDF download. Use this to plan your sewing projects and stay organized and on task!
  • Printable Tiny Shopping Bags PDF download. A fun prop accessory!
  • Fabric Swatch Book PDF page download, Use this to keep track of your fabric stash!
  • Ultimate Resource Guide PDF download
  • Liberty Jane Pattern Title List PDF

Get Started Sewing With Us!

The group is designed to help you become better at sewing in a fun and friendly environment. A subscription will provide "members only" access to content on Pixie Faire. It is ongoing and each month we'll focus on one specific topic for the entire month. You'll get "how-to" tips, instructions, examples, and tricks-of-the-trade. Plus as a member, you can join us in a private Facebook group and we'll give you feedback and answer your questions as you practice what you learn in a fun and friendly community. This is optional, so if Facebook isn't your thing, that's totally cool

Annual Plan


* Billed Annually at $96.00

  • Includes 1 free pattern and 1 free course download each month. ( $24.99 value!)
  • Annual recurring subscription payment (bills every 12 months), cancel at any time.

Quarterly Plan


* Billed Quarterly at $36.00

  • Includes 1 free pattern and 1 free course download each month. ( $24.99 value!)
  • Quarterly recurring subscription payment (bills every 3 months), cancel at any time.

Monthly Plan


* Billed Monthly at $14.99

  • Includes 1 free pattern and 1 free course download each month. ( $24.99 value!)
  • Monthly recurring subscription payment, cancel at any time.

Ready To Join? Start Here:

Step 1: Click "Join SWC Today" for the subscription option that best suits your needs.

Each option listed is set up as a recurring payment. Signing up annually is the best value and is billed annually on the date you sign up. If you are already logged in to your Pixie Faire customer account you won't need to fill out any account info; simply select your payment option and continue. Note - the payment screen is a "pop-up"; if you don't see it appear, please check to make sure that your web browser allows pop-ups when viewing the Pixie Faire website.

Step 2: Choose Your Payment Method.

Payments can be set up with a credit card or through Paypal, the choice is yours!

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the checkout that guide you to the Member Access page.

Once the transaction is complete, you will be redirected to our "Welcome" page that includes all the information, links, etc.

Step 4: Jump in and start exploring all the amazing content offered in Sewing With Cinnamon!

You'll find a topic dropdown in the top right corner of the SWC Blog; use it to find something to get started with. Stay tuned for new content to post weekly on Tuesday's. The October Topic, "Sewing A Themed Wardrobe: 1980's Style" kicks off on October 6th!