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Welcome To The Pixie Faire Market

We're glad you're here! The Pixie Faire Market is a place to buy and sell new and used dolls, hand-made doll clothes, and related accessories. Let's make this the "go-to" location for these fun items.

How Does It Work?

This section of Pixie Faire is simply a listing tool where buyers and sellers can meet. The items you'll find on these pages are actually listed on other websites such as eBay and Etsy, and listed here for convenience. 

Buyers - please realize you are purchasing directly from sellers and the transaction is being completed off Pixie Faire. Therefore, we cannot help with customer service, complaints, or fraudulent transactions, so buyer beware. If you encounter those types of issues, you need to use the sales site to resolve it (such as eBay, Etsy or Amazon). Nonetheless, if you have a bad experience, please let us know and we'll do our best to remove the seller from our system. Please read our FAQs for additional information.

Sellers - We hope this site is a fantastic resource for your selling efforts. Our goal is to get you as many visitors and sales as possible. Please carefully read our FAQ and Guidelines and honor our category rules. Don't list items that are not appropriate for the categories. We're sure you'll be a good citizen of this community, but we reserve the right to remove any listing at our discretion and ban your listings. Please read our FAQs for additional information.

Vendors - If you have dolls, accessories, or related items you think Pixie Faire customers would enjoy, send us an email at jason @ libertyjaneclothing.com

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Cinnamon & Jason Miles &

The entire Pixie Faire team