Top 10 Beach Essentials For Your Dolls Next Trip To The Shore

Summertime is full of hot days, and there’s no better place to cool off than the beach!  We’ve rounded up the top ten beach essentials that your doll will need for next time you head to the shore. For more summertime trends, be sure to check out the Summer Swimsuit Trends post on Pixie Faire!

 Ok, here is our top 10 Beach Essentials List:

1. Swimsuit

The first beach essential is, of course, a swimsuit.  Whether your doll is just sunbathing or splashing in the waves, she’ll need a swimsuit!  Pixie Faire offers a wide variety of swimsuit patterns for all different doll sizes, but check out these ones for starters:

Aloha Vintage Swimsuit

Splash Back to the 1980s Swimsuit

Swimsuit Variations For 18-inch Dolls or 14-15" Dolls



2. Cover-Up

When your doll is done soaking up the sun or frolicking in the water she’ll need a cover-up! Try one of these cute patterns or mix things up with this super cute Carnaby St. Cover-up pattern hack.

Crochet Swim Cover

Beach Cover Up

Summer Fun Cover-Up



3. Floppy Beach Hat

Beaches are notoriously sunny places, so it’s important that your doll brings a hat to keep her safe from the sun’s harmful rays.  There are plenty of hat patterns available on Pixie Faire, but give these patterns a gander first:

Atta-Girl Baseball/Softball Cap 18in

Phoebe Hat

Three Straw Hats



4. Sandals


When the sand is hot from the sun, your doll will need a good pair of shoes to protect her feet! Try a cute pair of sandals, jelly flats or crocheted slip-ons to keep your feet cool!


No-Sew Foam Boardwalk Sandals

No-Sew Janes Slip-on Shoes



5. Beach Tote

Beach totes are a definite must when spending the day at the beach.  You can pack these bags with sunglasses, snacks, and magazines to fill your doll’s beach day with fun!

Beach Tote Crochet

Megan Deck Beach Tote

DIY Summer Totes For Dolls



6. The Perfect Towel

Towels are wonderful for lounging in the sand and useful for drying off, making them yet another beach essential. Need something a bit bigger? Try the Watermelon Picnic Quilt and create a hangout zone for all her friends too!

Pool Party Collection Beach Towels 18in

Palmettoo Swimsuit Cover Up and Towel

Watermelon Picnic Quilt



7. Floaties For All

Floaties are the most wonderful way to relax in water without getting too wet and there are so many fun types of floaties to make!

Fun-Flateable Pool Birds 18in

Swim Rings 18in

Life Jacket 18in



8. Somewhere to Sit

When your doll is done playing in the waves or in the sand make sure she has a comfy place to lounge about and relax. Maybe it's time to use your craft skills and make a no-sew doll hammock using popsicle sticks! Try these crafty patterns too:

Pool Party Collection Chaise Lounge Chair

Basic Beach Chair

Island Breeze Hammock



9.  Cooler

What is a beach trip without an ice-cold soda or water?  This cooler pattern is the perfect way to make sure your doll’s refreshments stay ice-cold and if you have something smaller try the single serve lunch bag too! If you have a big group, you might need something even bigger to transport it all, try the Little Red Wagon!

Soft-Sided Cooler

My Lunch Bag

Little Red Wagon



10.  Volleyball Net

Finally, what could be a more iconic beach game to play than volleyball? This crafty pattern project is easy to follow and makes a cute summer activity set for your 18-inch dolls. Try the Rashguard and Boy shorts, or the Gotchies patterns to sew a few matching beach volleyball uniforms too!

2-in-1 Volleyball/Tennis Net System

Rashguard and Boy Shorts






We’d love to hear from you and see what combinations you will create for your dolls ultimate beach day! If you make something and share photos online, we'd love to see them! Use #pixiefaire when posting on Instagram or add your photos directly to our Inspiration Gallery for all to see!  

Thanks, everyone!

--The Pixie Faire Team :^)



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July 21, 2021

Sad to say, I do not have a favorite beach anymore. When I was able to travel I did love going to the many beaches on the Yucatan.


July 21, 2021

Unfortunately, I don’t have a favorite beach any more. Any of them that I attended in my earlier years, have all been taken over with private cottages


July 21, 2021

When I was younger I loved to go to the beach on the Great Salt Lake and go float on the lake. Unfortunately, that’s not something that’s easily done any longer.


July 21, 2021

I love Ponce Inlet Beach in Florida!


July 20, 2021

Im from the UK and my favourite beach is in Cornwall (Far south west of England) lots of rockpools, soft sand and great surfing waves!


July 20, 2021

My favorite beach is Silver Beach in Saint Joseph, Michigan.

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