November 16, 2013


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Flower Vase Pincushion

This week's craft makes for a great gift idea -- as well as a fun way to upcycle a little vase!

Of course, you'll need a vase; find some cute fabric and some stuffing or batting, and you're ready to go. (For a fun variation, you could also use an old teacup, egg cup, or mug....) I'm using some more of that awesome fabric from Josephine Kimberling -- I thought this print from the "Field Day" collection matched the vase really well! As a reminder, you can view the whole collection at either of these links:

For starters, cut off a piece of batting and wad it up; add or remove batting to get it the right size for your vase. I finished mine by wrapping a couple strips of batting across the top, for a smooth finish.

Pull the batting out of the vase, and wrap it with fabric.

Pull the fabric across the top of the batting as smoothly as you can; I used a rubber band to help keep everything in place while I was fiddling with the fabric. You don't want giant creases across the top of your pincushion!

Then, thread a needle with heavy-duty thread, and stitch all around the bottom of your padding. This is especially important if you're using stuffing... 

Clip off the extra fabric, and take off the rubber band (its work is done :). It's a good idea to double-check your padding's fit at this point.

Next, heat up your glue gun and drizzle glue in the bottom of your container, and a little way up the sides.

Carefully slide the padding down into the vase. If it isn't stuck to your liking, pull the padding away from the vase at the sides and add some more glue. Be careful, though -- you just don't want any glue showing around the top. 

Voila! You're done!


Happy Crafting!



PS: If you make this, be sure to let us know in the comments! :D 


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