November 29, 2013


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Holiday Shopping Guide

Wondering how to use Pixie Faire patterns creatively to spice up your holiday gift giving and craft projects? Here are 10 fun ideas:

#1 - The Melody Valorie Couture Ivy Cape - the Ivy cape is the perfect accessory for a historical holiday outfit. The elegant look can be made to in a vibrant red, white or green fabric to enhance the festive holiday feel, or a deep purple or gold could be nice too. This pattern is also available for the Ellowyne Wilde Doll

#2 - The Ardently Admire Deer Antlers - Ready for a playful costume accessory that will make your doll the hit of the party? These fun antlers will give your doll just what she needs to be the hit of the party.

 #3 - The Stacy & Stella Holiday Hat & Scarf - If you want to create a truly iconic knit had and scarf, then this guidebook is for you. Don't forget to check out the coordinating Holiday sweater too.


#4 - The Liberty Jane Aspen Party Dress - This brilliantly designed couture dress by Cinnamon Miles features an elegant bodice and a long bubble skirt. It's been copied widely across the country and (with no disrespect) the commercial copies won't look nearly as good as your hand-made masterpiece using Cinnamon's pattern.

 #5 - The Maggie and Joan Essential Apron - Inspired by the early 40's and 50's these cute aprons are a perfect addition to your holiday collection. make some in festive prints to be worn now or in a variety of other colors to be used throughout the year! Also check out the FREE potholder tutorial to make a coordinating set.


 #6 - The Miche Designs Kathmandu Boots - if you like the new Nepal boots by Tom's, then you'll love this new boot pattern by Miche Designs.


#7 - The Doll Tag Clothing Hoodie Skoodie - A beautiful knit hoodie with a built in scarf! This fun pattern is a unique and trendy knit pattern that is sure to be a hit with your favorite doll.



#8 - The Bonjour Teaspoon Jumper Dress and Top Hat - Of course your snow man needs a smartly designed Top Hat - and the Bonjour Teaspoon pattern makes it easy.



#9 - The Lelle Moda Waiting For Christmas Holiday Hat & Scarf - this fun knit skull cap styled hat is a classic look that your doll will love. (psss. don't tell anyone, but this pattern is completely free).



#10 - The Liberty Jane Clothing Shoulder Bag - your doll's Christmas should bag will be easy to make with this fun FREE tutorial. Use a festive holiday print or a striking vibrant white with red accents.




January 04, 2015

Just what the doctor oredred, thankity you!


January 03, 2015

That’s a genuinely imessprive answer.


December 08, 2014

Love the top hat… Reminds me of the Mad Hatter.

Patricia M. Whipple
Patricia M. Whipple

May 15, 2014

May 15, 2014

I just discovered your webpage(s). I sewed as a teen and a wife and mother and then stopped completely for more than forty years when I began law school and law practice. Through a project at church I began sewing on a modest scale and then found an old pattern for fabric felines dressed in Elizabethan costumes. I learned a lot with than pattern and made several
fabulous felines and finally a Scarlett O’Hara cat in the famous ball dress made of draperies.
I scaled down a museum size 5 women’s pattern and again learned a lot.

I am now involved in making doll clothes. Since my 18 inch dolls are not American Girl dolls I am back to altering patterns. Since I could not find the notions called for in the patterns, I turned
to catalogues and the internet. I want to make the complete outfit for each doll and that includes shoes. The problem is that the patterns call for 1/8 inch grommets for the doll boots and lace up shoes and I cannot find them in the local stores nor the internet. I just read a review
today of a book regarding making doll clothes and she admitted she has had the same problem and finally found a supplier in England, so now I am researching English suppliers.

I began collecting dolls many years ago and had room to display only a few at a time. So most of them have stayed in the box. Through the help of a friend who is a skilled organizer, I now have a room devoted to sewing and crafts. I am taking most of my dolls out of their boxes display them on new shelves and will have more dolls of varied sizes to make outfits for. The ones I have have been making clothes for have been rescued from thrift stores with a view to
donating them as gifts.

I was delighted to see that you provide patterns for a variety of dolls.

I enjoyed your tutorials on clipping and bonding fabrics on short chains of thread. I leaned about cutting the various layers of fabric for a smoother effect. Hadn’t thought about that one.

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