doll-sized colored pencils

Ready to get crafting? This week I'll show you how I made some pretend colored pencils (warning: it's super easy and fun!)

Start with some dowels that are the width you'd like your pencils to be -- I found a package of 3/16" wide dowels pre-cut to be 12" long at Michaels'. Super convenient!

You'll also need permanent markers, a pencil sharpener, and some way to cut the dowels down to size.

First, mark off how long you'd like the pencils to be. 5" makes a very long, brand-new-looking pencil, but I did a variety of lengths, just like real pencils.

Then, I cut the dowel by scoring with scissors and snapping at the score line. A small saw would probably work even better. :D

Then, sharpen the cut end of the dowel. (I left the machined end intact for the back of the pencil -- it was prettier!)

Next, pull out your permanent markers and color the sharpened dowel to look like a pencil. I colored the tip, then added a small dot on the backside, and finished up with a decorative ring near the end.

Ta-da! Your new pencils are ready for play.

Happy crafting,


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June 14, 2014

I can’t wait to make these for my neice! She is so artsy, a cute little drawing book and these for her doll will be a great little present. Thank you!

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