Peek-a-boo round 2: cutwork tee

Hello all! This week's tutorial is another fun way to spice up an ordinary tee -- peek-a-boo cutwork. It's similar to the technique we showed you earlier (in the Peek-a-boo lacework tutorial) but this version is more of a true reverse applique. Let's get started!

First off, if you need a good pattern for an AG tee, go ahead and download this one -- it's absolutely free!

Next, get your supplies out. All you need is two harmonizing colors of knit fabric, a marking tool (I used a chalk pencil), and your normal sewing equipment.

Time to prepare your pieces! If you're building a tee from scratch, cut everything out, then lay the front piece out flat. (You can also just embellish a ready-made tee, but be sure you can lay the front out flat as well -- it makes things a lot easier!)

Draw on a heart outline, then draw in some slashes. Mine were about 1/4" - 3/8" apart. This isn't rocket science so don't sweat it too much! I re-drew the lines on the image in photoshop, but in real life you want the lines just dark enough so you can see them.

Then, using sharp scissors (or if you're careful, a rotary cutter), cut along the slash lines.


Next, lay the slashed tee front over a piece of the peek-a-boo fabric. Be sure both layers are flat, and pin carefully to keep them from wiggling around.

Stitch along the chalked heart outline, then down the middle of each slash to secure.

Flip the tee front to the wrong side, and trim away the excess peek-a-boo fabric.


And that's it! Go ahead and finish putting the tee together normally -- and then trot out your finished handiwork.

Happy sewing,


Patricia Horton
Patricia Horton

September 19, 2016

Hi! How do you girls print these out? My computer will not let me print anything, except for the patterns I either buy, or they are free. I have tried printing each and every one of these, and I do not know how.

thanks for any advice!!!!

Nana Barb
Nana Barb

May 24, 2015

I tried this and it was a fun, easy idea. I definitely with try it in different creative ways. I also sewed slash strips before cutting and it worked very well.

Linda Trigg
Linda Trigg

November 13, 2014

You are so clever. This is so cutest outfit I love it.


November 11, 2014

I have found it easier to sew the diagonal stitches across both layers of fabric and then cut the slashes through the top layer (with a seam ripper) to let the lower layer peek through.

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