How to make goggleslike a minion for 18" dolls FREE Tutorial

This week, we continue our mini-series on how to make your own mini-minion costume -- with goggles! 

You'll need part of an old cereal box, some aluminum foil, and (if you want to add lenses) the clear plastic window from a box you bought something in. It works best if it's very clear, and not too flimsy. Grab your favorite scissors, a stapler, a glue stick, and some black elastic -- and let's get crafting!

Start by cutting the cardboard into two strips, each one 1/2" wide by 4 1/4" long. (This will give you a two-eyed goggle, but you could easily play with the measurements to make a single mono-goggle, or even a three-goggle!)

Smear glue all over the back of a piece of foil; then, wrap it around the cardboard, and trim away the excess. You should end up with a nice silver strip -- but take your time. This can get sticky. :D

Once you have both strips covered with foil, lay them on top of each other and staple them together, in the middle. Then, carefully bend each strip away from the middle staple, into a circle; staple the ends together to hold everything together. 

Cut a piece of elastic about 12 1/4" long; then loop each end over one side of the goggles, and stitch it back down to itself to hold it in place. 

Your doll can totally wear the goggles at this point; but if you want to go the extra mile, and add lenses to your goggles, keep reading!

Lay the goggles down on another piece of cardboard, and trace around the outside of one eyehole twice. Then, draw a second line a little ways in from the first. Add some tabs, and cut out this new shape -- it will become the frame for the lens. 

Trace around one of the frames, onto the clear plastic, and cut out your lenses. Set them aside for a minute while you cover the lens frames with foil.

Covering the lens frames with foil can get pretty sticky and fiddly, so just be patient -- scissors are your friend here!

When that's done, carefully glue each plastic lens to the backside of a lens frame, being sure not to get any glue on the middle of the lens. Put the frames under a heavy book to dry for a little while.

Bend the tabs over, and glue them to the goggles (I used hot glue instead of a glue stick for this step). Then, give the goggles to your doll and see how she likes them!

Thanks for joining us! 

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October 09, 2015

I discovered small plumbing parts (pvc pipe) are going to work as the round frames.


October 09, 2015

Super cute idea! You could even make these for real people and line them with craft foam for cushioning.


August 22, 2015

Guess what we’re doing this week-end? That’s right making minions. I have as much fun as they do. Thank you so much. We’ll send a pic of our work.
Gert and clan

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