February 17, 2020


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A Girl For All Time® Doll Review

Resource Guide Doll Review A Girl For All Time

We’ve put together the ultimate Resource Guide for the A Girl For All Time® doll. Be sure to leave a comment and tell us which is your favorite and why. Also check out our other Ultimate Resource Guides for WellieWishers™ and Hearts For Hearts Girls® for more reviews and helpful tips. 

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About A Girl For All Time®

A Girl For All Time® dolls are 16-inch dolls who represent fictional British historical characters as well as modern English girls, and even a new boy doll named Max. Dolls from the Your Historical Girl™ collection are the perfect choice for those interested in English history, as each doll is a member of the same ancestral line through the generations. Each doll’s accompanying book explores their own search to connect with the history of their ancestors as well as depicting life in their own time period. AGAT also produces a collection of contemporary dolls in their Your Modern Girl™ line.

A Girl For All Time® was created by Frances Cain, an American who has lived most of her life in London. She found herself in need of toys for her own daughter which celebrated history and intelligent social play, and created this line of dolls to meet that need. As their website states, “Our goal is simple: to design and produce gorgeously crafted dolls and books that celebrate being a girl in an intelligent way and inspire a lifetime of play and creativity.”

The company practices slow manufacturing to reduce waste and maintain great product quality. This means that they take care to only manufacture the amount of dolls they know will be sold, and have begun an initiative to eliminate single use plastic from their packaging. They also donate returned or damaged merchandise to children’s organizations rather than sending the goods to the landfill. Due to their slow manufacturing practices, you may have to wait for a new restock of dolls before you can order your AGAT.

A Girl For All Time® Features:

  • 16 inches tall
  • Articulated elbows and knees
  • Wigged with non-removable hair
  • Painted and applied eye lashes
  • Heads can turn and tilt
  • Can sit and stand
  • Vinyl bodies
  • Hand finished with painted blushing on cheeks and hands

    A Girl For All Time Clothes Sewing Patterns

    The Ultimate Pattern Collection for A Girl For All Time® 

    Looking for sewing patterns to fit your A Girl For All Time® doll? Our collection of patterns for AGAT dolls includes a variety of contemporary clothes like hoodies and jeans, as well as a broad collection of historical outfits. 


    A Girl For All Time vs American Girl Comparison

    A Girl For All Time® Measurements

    A Girl For All Time Size Measurements vs American Girl


     A Girl For All Time vs American Girl vs WellieWishers


    The 16-inch AGAT is the perfect in-between size compared to the 18-inch American Girl® and the 14.5-inch WellieWishers™. The dolls each have their own unique size and proportions, which is why Pixie Faire offers collections with patterns specifically designed for each doll type. While the dolls also need  different sized shoes, they are similar enough in scale to share some accessories, props, and furniture pieces. 

    A Girl For All Time Clothes Jeans PatternGet the Pattern: When styling your AGAT in modern clothing, there's no better wardrobe staple than the perfect pair of skinny jeans. Your 16 inch A Girl For All Time® doll will look great in these slim fitting pants!  Design details include: a slim fit with a straight leg opening, functional front and back pockets, topstitched detail, and an elastic waist. Bonus! The specially designed cut-off pattern is also included.  




    A Girl For All Time Characters

    A Girl For All Time® Character Names And Descriptions  

    The AGAT historical range of dolls is titled Your Historical Girl™ and includes characters from the 1500s through 1960s. For their second line, they released a range of contemporary dolls titled Your Modern Girl™ whose characters are young girls living in London today.

    The Your Historical Girl™ Collection:

    A Girl For All Time MatildaMatilda, Your Tudor Girl™Matilda’s character represents the Tudor era from 1485 to 1603. Matilda comes dressed in a gorgeous velvet 2-piece dress with fur trimmed sleeves, and her head-dress is finished with white beads. She is wigged with non-removable dark brown hair, and  has blue-grey eyes. Buy Matilda Here



    A Girl For All Time ElinorElinor, Your Elizabethan Girl™: Elinor comes dressed in a blue diamond patterned silky dress with a period neck ruff and, golden dancing slippers. She has auburn hair and blue eyes. Buy Elinor Here




    A Girl For All Time LydiaLydia, Your Georgian Girl™: Lydia has brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, and comes dressed in a lovely buttercream yellow cotton dress in the popular robe a l'anglaise of the period. The dress was designed by Shari Fuller of Thimbles and Acorns. With a rose trimmed bodice and hat, Lydia is sure to be a much loved addition to any collection, or the perfect start to a new one. Buy Lydia Here


    A Girl For All Time Amelia

    Amelia, Your Victorian Girl™ Amelia comes dressed in a historically inspired school dress of softest blue cotton with striped underskirt, collar and cuffs, plus a buttercream-yellow school tie and bow detailing on the bustle. A beautiful straw boater hat completes Amelia’s outfit and compliments her blonde hair and blue eyes. Buy Amelia Now 


    A Girl For All Time Clementine

    Clementine, Your 1940s Girl™: Clementine comes in a historically inspired 1940's dress of green poly-cotton with a vintage daisy pattern, upturned sleeves and a satin 'peter-pan' collar. She has vibrant green eyes and a red bob hairstyle. Buy Clementine Now




     A Girl For All Time SamSam, Your 1960s Girl™: Sam comes dressed in a Sixties inspired denim mini dress with a gorgeous yellow vinyl daisy cut out detail on the front. Orange tights, yellow 'patent leather' shoes with daisy details, and mod orange headband complete her ‘60s look. Sam has brown hair and brown eyes. Buy Sam Now


    Your Modern Girl And Boy™

    A Girl For All Time Bex

    Bex, Your Modern Girl™: Bex has curly black hair and brown eyes, and comes dressed in sweet little blue shorts with a lacy top and matching blue bow. Orange tights and beautifully constructed lace up boots complete Bex's doll outfit. Buy Bex Here



    A Girl For All Time Nisha

    Nisha, Your Modern Girl™: Nisha comes dressed in a skater dress with a ruffled hem, white tights, and beautifully constructed lace up boots with a hard sole. Nisha has brown hair and brown eyes. Buy Nisha Here




    A Girl For All Time MayaMaya, Your Modern Girl™: Maya comes dressed in denim overalls paired with a striped t-shirt, and sturdy black lace up boots with a hard sole and real ties. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Buy Maya Now




    A Girl For All Time MaxMax, Your Modern Boy™: Max comes dressed in an orange short sleeve t-shirt and casual straight leg jeans. His black sneakers with white soles and laces complete the look. He has short brown hair and bright green eyes. Buy Max Now 



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    Thanks, everyone!

    The Pixie Faire Team



    Deb S
    Deb S

    February 18, 2020

    I love Lydia because of her hair and eye color and also because of the historical era she’s from.


    February 18, 2020

    love all but my favorite is clementine

    Sarah Lutz
    Sarah Lutz

    February 18, 2020

    Clementine is my favorite! She’s just beautiful, and has so much spunk and character. And she lookes adorable in any outifit!

    February 18, 2020

    I always have a weakness for redheads. Clementine is my choice.

    Kimberly C
    Kimberly C

    February 18, 2020

    I love Amelia because she reminds me of Nellie Oleson on LHOTP.


    February 18, 2020

    Amelia whispered at me when I went down the list – but – I’ve never met one of these dolls in real life… I suspect any of them that I got to adopt would be a ‘favorite’. :-)

    Denise Darby
    Denise Darby

    February 18, 2020

    I like Lydia! I prefer dolls with dark hair and eyes.

    jacquie Corrigan
    jacquie Corrigan

    February 17, 2020

    I love Clementine! Her red hair is so cute!

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