August 02, 2018


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How To make A Button Up Shirtdress - LJ Pattern Hack


Hello everybody! This week's tutorial is a super awesome, super easy pattern hack to one of our favorite Liberty Jane patterns!

By this point, you've probably heard of (or maybe even made) the LJ Button-Up Shirt. It's a classic design featuring several varieties of shirt styles for girls and boys!

But this little top can easily be made into an adorable dress, as well. It's super easy to do -- all you have to do is split a few of the pieces to extend the length, and then continue on with the regular pattern instructions to complete the dress. (Click on the image, or the link above, to view this pattern on Pixie Faire...) 

To make a button front shirt dress like Mia's green and white gingham, use Liberty Jane's "Boy Fit Button-Up Shirt" pattern View C, but lengthen the Front, Back, and Front Placket pieces. 

Designer Tip: In order to keep the curved shirt hemline, you will be cutting the Front and Back pieces apart above the curve and inserting the added length between the two pieces.


Here's how to modify the pattern pieces: 

1.Set apart the 3 pattern pieces to be lengthened:  

  • Front - View C 
  • Front Placket - View C & D
  • Back - View C & D

2. Draw a line 3" from the bottom edge of the shirt, perpendicular (at a right angle) to the straight lines of the Center Front and Center Back.

3. Cut along the lines you just drew.

4. Draw 2 parallel lines 1 3/4" apart (or more if you want a longer dress) on blank copy paper.

5. Lining the side of the Front pattern piece up on the left straight edge of the copy paper and the side of the Back pattern piece on the right straight edge of the copy paper, tape the top pieces to end at the top line, and tape the bottom pieces starting at the lower line.  This will create the additional length to the dress.  

Using a straight edge, extend the center lines to join the tops to their respective bottoms.  Since the front placket is a rectangle, simply extend the long side lines and add 1 3/4" to one end.

6. Cut out new, longer Front, Back, and Front Placket pieces.

 7. The Center Front should match the length of the Front Placket, and the Front and Back Sides should also be the same length.

8. Follow the Liberty Jane pattern instructions for the "Boy Fit Button-Up Shirt," View C, and tie a twisted string or skinny belt around the waistline to complete this darling shirt dress!


Congratulations! You've just hacked a pattern successfully!

Thanks for following along, and have fun with this!

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August 09, 2018

Have this pattern – I will definitely be trying this – thanks bunches!


August 04, 2018

Looks cute, I need to try this!

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