FAQ's and Resources

Welcome to the Pixie Faire Market. In this post we'll offer information for three groups of people: Sellers, Buyers, and Advertisers. If you don't see an answer to your question, please email us at support@pixiefaire.com

Buyers: The Pixie Faire Market is a resource for buyers that we coordinate. By using the Marketplace you acknowledge:

  1. The items in the Market are not being sold directly by Pixie Faire. They are offered by individual sellers using the market as a promotional platform. 
  2. Pixie Faire cannot guarantee the quality of the item, or the credibility of the sellers involved. We encourage you to look at the ratings and reviews on the listings to determine quality. 
  3. You should always be safe online. Only purchase via credible 3rd party listings on sites such as Etsy or eBay. 
  4. We strongly suggest you never meet in person to exchange goods.
  5. Customer service disputes and resolutions must be resolved directly with the seller and via the site they are selling on,(Etsy, eBay, etc.).
If you have a bad experience with a seller and believe they are not acting in good faith as a Pixie Faire Market participant, please let us know at support@pixiefaire.com. We will do our best to manage the market participants and ban sellers that are not acting in the best interest of the Pixie Faire community.

We're happy to have you share your link to an item you have for sale online (on sites such as Etsy or eBay). We have three current sections: 

  1. Shop For Doll Clothes
  2. Shop For Dolls 
  3. Shop For Furniture

How To Add Your Item: In each category there is a section at the bottom that says, "Add Your Link". You simply click that link and add your item.

Seller Guidelines: As a seller on the Pixie Faire Market you agree to the following conditions and guidelines:

  1. Please only add one listing for each unique item you are selling. Please do not post duplicate listings for the same item and please do not post them to the wrong section of the market.
  2. Please do not list manufactured items.
  3. Please remove your items if they are no longer available or out of stock.
  4. Please reference the Pixie Faire pattern you used in the creation of your item in your product listing as a courtesy to the designer, (if applicable).
  5. We strongly encourage you to actively manage any disputes or customer complaints as proactively as possible via the listing website (Etsy, eBay, etc.). 

Removal Of Seller Privileges: We reserve the right to block sellers and remove listings if we determine they are not a good fit for the Pixie Faire Market. 

Advertisers: If you're interested in advertising in the Pixie Faire Market with paid placements, please contact us at publishing@pixiefaire.com. We are happy to have you begin