Elastics - Exposed and Fold Over Elastic Sewing Techniques

Hi Everyone! In part 3 we're going to take a look at sewing with exposed elastics. Both flat and fold over elastic work well for this design element. It is functional as well as fashionable! 

Flat elastic used in this technique can be either knit or braided. For 18" dolls, I recommend using 1" width. For smaller or thinner dolls - such as 14.5" Welliewishers or 16" Ellowyne Wilde - I recommend 3/8" to 1/2" width.

When sewing exposed elastic, I recommend using a zigzag stitch. This stitch style allows for plenty of stretching after it is sewn. The standard single zigzag works well for the FOE (fold over elastic). A triple zigzag works great for the exposed elastic waistband (shown in the video). This allows for maximum stretch, but also adds strength to the stitching so it will hold up over time.

In the video posted below, we'll look at both flat and fold over elastics. I'll also show you a hands-on demonstration of sewing the exposed elastic with the triple zigzag stitch. No more wondering how to do it - mystery solved!

I also included the video from Sewing WIth Knits (on the Sewing With Elastics collection page) that covered sewing with FOE - it's a bit of the same with more hands-on sewing tips too!



Pattern Overview (featured in the video):

Liberty Jane Roebuck Bay Skirt 18" Dolls

Liberty Jane Roebuck Bay Skirt 14.5" Dolls

Liberty Jane Bubble Skirt 18" Dolls

Liberty Jane FREE Swimsuit Pattern

Liberty Jane Slip Dress 18" Dolls

Liberty Jane Strappy Tank Top (included in Picture Day)

Liberty Jane CA Cami

Liberty Jane Pattern Collection



    Week three task:

    • Make a simple skirt using exposed elastic. A general rule would be double the waist measurement to determine the width of the skirt fabric. Cut the length 1/2" longer than the desired finished length.   



    Deadra Dewbre
    Deadra Dewbre

    March 23, 2018

    I recently saw somewhere the message Cinnamon sent that the fabric manipulation was available for for download. I looked at the bonus menu and I think I missed it.
    Thank You again for your time!


    March 22, 2018

    Adele, the pass word is ELASTIC1803


    March 21, 2018

    Loved the video!
    I do have a odd question. What is the password for getting into VIMEO?

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