Hemming Techniques - Tiny Hems and Hem Alternatives

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Hemming Techniques Part 4: Sewing tiny hems and choosing to use hem alternatives.

Are you ready to learn some new techniques? Let's go...

In the video posted below, I share with you my go-to methods for working with these tiny little circles as well as share a few tips for working with narrow hems on necklines and pressing to make things even easier!

I've also included the full Ginza Girl sew along video because this pattern uses a technique that I absolutely love! It removes the need to hem the sleeves and the hemline - it's all in the method and construction! You can see this demonstrated at 19:00 into the video. This technique can likely be used in a variety of pattern designs as well.





Pattern Overview (Liberty Jane designs using knit fabrics):

  • Liberty Jane Ginza Girl Coat
  • Liberty Jane Cropped Jacket (modified)
  • Liberty Jane Summer in Paris Top (will be updated with new step by steps images this week!)
  • Liberty Jane Sheath Dress
  • Liberty Jane Genoa Jumper
  • Liberty Jane Cropped Jacket
  • Liberty Jane Sofia Blazer
  • Liberty Jane Kings Canyon Peplum Top      

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