Sewing A Bespoke Garment: Buttonholes and Hems

Continuing with our Sewing a Bespoke Garment series, this week Shari will show you how to take the fear out of sewing a beautiful buttonhole! We don't know about you, as much as we love the look of buttons, the idea of making buttonholes has a tendency to send a chill up our spine. It's usually one of the last steps on a garment and there is that fear you will mess it up and ruin your whole project! In this video, Shari demonstrates how to make beautiful hand-sewn buttonholes! Although hand-sewn buttonholes take a little more time to make, the “fright factor” of ruining a project with a of a misaligned or twisted buttonhole is practically zero.

The video will demonstrate how to make a basic straight buttonhole, but if you prefer to make a keyhole buttonhole you can see that demonstrated in the instructions available as a bonus download. The technique is basically the same for both buttonholes except that the bar tack is omitted from the outer edge of the keyhole buttonhole.

As a final touch to my bespoke chemise, I am going to finish it off with a laced edged hemline... the Victorian way! Let's get started...

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June 18, 2022

I love the hand sewn buttonholes! I’m going to use this technique on some of the dresses and garments I make as it gives me far more control. I’m always nervous about wrecking a piece I’ve worked so hard on with a crooked, misplaced or wrong sized buttonhole.

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