Sewing A Themed Wardrobe 1980s Style: The Fold-Over Waistband 2 Ways!

80s Jeans Fold Over Waistband For 18 Inch American Girl Doll

Hi Everyone! In Part 2 we jump right into another iconic design element of the 80s, the fold-over waistband! I don't know about you, but this was something I rember very fondly. I had an amazing pair of jeans that were accented with a mix & match color set, green, pink and yellow highlighting this fun design style! I wish I had a picture, but for now all I have is the memory, I'll be on the hunt for the right fabrcis to recreate them soon! In this post, I'll walk you through two super simple ways to recreate this look. Once you see how to do it, you can use this same technique on any pattern that has a fitted waistband with a center front opening or seam, pretty fun right? 

Are you ready?

80s Style Fold Over Waistband Jeans for 18" Dolls

Ok, let's jump in to Part 2!

Patterns used in this weeks video examples:

Liberty Jane High-Waisted Jeans & Shorts for 18" Dolls, with the pattern hack demonstrated in part 1 (pleated front legs).

Liberty Jane Button Front Mini Skirt for 18" Dolls

 Button Front Mini Skirt Doll Clothes Pattern 18" Dolls


    Part 2 Tutorial Video #1 - The Fold-Over Waistband Mini Skirt Pattern Hack:

    In this first example I'm using the Liberty Jane Button Front Mini Skirt as my base design. This pattern has a flat front waistband and a separate elastic back casing. Follow along in the video to see how to modify the design to create a fold-over waistband.


    Here's a breakdown of the complete tutorial too:

    Pattern Pieces: Cut out all of the pieces as instructed in the pattern, with the excetption of the Waistband. This is the piece we will be altering to make a fold-over waistband.

    • Step 1: To create a new Waistband piece, simply double the height of the exisiting piece so it is twice as tall. Cut 2 of this modified pattern piece.
    • Step 2: (1:45 - 4:50) Follow the pattern instructions to sew up the skirt until you get to Step 9. The next steps are the same, but your waistband piece will look different because it is taller.
    • Step 3: (4:50 - End) Follow the pattern instructions through Step 18. At this point we will make a slight change to the instructions and only sew the center front overlapped seam to just below the waistband seamline. Don't overlap and sew the waistband at all. Leave this section open so it can fold over and spread apart.


    To finish off the design, simply fold the waistband over, half the width at the side and the full width at center front. It will naturally spread apart and create the angular effect. If desired, you can add button holes to this section too. Now your skirt is complete! 


    Part 2 Tutorial Video #2 - The Fold-Over Waistband High Waist Jeans Pattern Hack:

    In this second example I'm using the Liberty Jane High Waisted Jeans as my base design. This pattern has a full fitted waistband that wraps around the entire waist and has a functional front opening. Follow along in the video to see how to modify the design to create a fold-over waistband.


      Here's a breakdown of the complete tutorial too:

      Pattern Pieces: Cut out all of the pieces as instructed in the pattern (we are using the midified pieces frrom the hack in part 1 to include the pleated front and looser back leg), with the excetption of the Waistband. This is the piece we will be altering to make a fold-over waistband.

      • Step 1: To create a new Waistband piece, we will be changing the overall measurement to from 1-1/2" to 4" for the height of the wasitband. For this example we are also using a contrasting floral print fabric to add a bit more 80s flair! In this case we are cutting tow separate pieces that are 2" in height, one in denim and one in floral print.
      • Step 2: Sew the pattern as instructed up to Step 30. Sew The two long waistband strips together, press the seam allowances open.
      • Step 3: The waistband will attach to the pants the same way as instructed in the pattern, with one change. When you line up the wearers right side, you'll want to press under 1/4" along the short end of the waistband piece. Then line it up 1/4" from the raw edge of the center front opening. This will allow you to finishe this side of the waistband with a finished center front edge that will fold over.
      • Step 4: Finish attaching the waistband as instructed. Topstitch around all four edges to complete. 
        • Step 5: Continue with the pattern instructions to finish up the pants. When finishing the front fly opeinging, you will cut the hook and loop tape to fit the fly overlap only, do not extend up past the waistband seam line. Then fold the new wasitband over to finish!


        Add buttons, iron on studs, and other embellishemnts to complete the look!


        Week Two Tasks:

        • Watch the videos and follow along to see how how easy it is to add a fold over waistband to these patterns!
        • Grab your patterns and get ready to sew one or both of these examples too!
        • Jump over the SWC Facebook Group for conversation and project sharing. 

        Next Tuesday - Part 2: The Jelly Flats Full Video Tutorial WIth Shari!


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