Sewing Animal Dolls Part 3: The Sew-Along Continues

Hi Everyone! In our previous installment we started the 18" Bear Doll sew-along, in Part 3 we continue where we left off and finish up sewing these adorable dolls!  We're really excited to get them finished so we can show you how adorable they look dressed in 18" doll clothes.

Shari will also be showing us her tiny 6" mini doll which is perfect as a stuffy for the dolls in your collection!

Let's jump in and get started with the next installment! Follow along as Shari shows us how to sew the ears, arms, and legs and attache them to the dolls body. 


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October 19, 2022

I just love the idea of making and selling these bears so that people who don’t have the dolls (yet!) can buy them and dress them in the doll clothes, and making the smaller ones to sell as well. I plan to make one for my upcoming market just to get a feel for the market. I also have a birthday for a ten-month-old grand nephew coming up in December. I think this will be a perfect present for him, along with a little pair of overalls. This is a fun topic this month!

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