Sewing Purses Finishing Touches and Tiny Details

Hi Everyone! In part 4 we wrap up the topic of sewing purses with a look at the finishing touches and tiny details that elevate the finished design.

The video posted for this section includes several strap design modifications. Not every purse has a fabric strap, choosing to use trims, chains, or strips of leather or vinyl, add a unique look to the design. It also brings a level of authenticity to the tiny bag, mimicking the real thing.

Be on the lookout for narrow trims or long necklaces. Anything 1/2" wide or narrower will usually work perfectly. You can find metal chains, embroidered fabric strips, braided trims, and more. If you have a Forever 21 near you, be sure to check out their jewelry section, they have a bunch of long necklaces that work great. (Side note - they also have lots of anklets that work perfectly as necklaces for the dolls!) 





    Resource List:

    • Micro Suede Fabric - I have found this most frequently at JoAnn Fabrics (both in store and online). I used this for the brown Killara Fringe Bag.
    • Real Leather or Suede Pieces - I have found these locally at Pacific Fabrics, the pieces come in oddly shaped remnant style amounts because they are natural products. I realize many of you might not be interested in using this type of fabric, so this info is for those of you that are interested. I used a piece of this for the fuchsia Killara Fringe Bag.
    • Tiny Trims - look for 1/4" or narrower trims to accent these tiny bags. Both Britex ( in San Francisco ) and Mood ( IN NY and LA) have amazing selections of trims and notions! Many trims can be found on spools or purchased as yardage. You can also find interesting and unique trims in the scrapbook section at most craft stores.
    • Tiny Lace: Cotton French Lace - I came across this shop at the Puyallup Sew Expo a few years ago, the tiny cotton laces I showed in the video are from here. They are beautiful, imported from France, definitely worth perusing this site!
    • Tiny Buttons - has super tiny buttons that can be sewn on with the beading needles. You can also find 1/4" buttons at most fabric/craft stores (Home Sew, JoAnn Fabrics, Hobby Lobby)
    • Machine Embroidery Designs
    • Beading Needles 10/12

    Looking for More Purse Designs? Be sure to check out the complete collection of tiny detailed bags for 13-18" dolls at Pixie Faire! We've featured the Miche Bag several times in our Instagram posts @libertyjaneclothing @pixiefaire, it's a great tote style bag and compliments a variety of looks! There is also a brand new purse design from DKinley Designs just published this week - The Art Deco Bag. This pattern includes 3 styles and is the perfect canvas for a variety of trims!



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