Sewing The Dorel Boots - Part 1

Hi Everyone! Welcome to Sewing The Dorel Boots. There have been so many requests for this! I'm super excited to bring you a new show making course. This course will be divided into a 4-part series. I will walk you through the enitre process of the boot-making project. We will Start by looking at the supplies and materials, continue to make the boots, and then wrap it up with a look at pulling it all together styled with our adorable ski jacket!


Let's get started!

In Part 1: Follow along as Cinnamon kicks of this shoe making series, Sewing The Dorel Boots, with a closer look at the supplies needed.

The pattern we'll be using for this sew-along is the QTπ Pattern Co Dorel Boots for 18-inch Dolls. It includes several varieties and options to customize the boots to create many unique looks! These scaled down boots are inspired by the popular Sorel Boots, designed for cold weather and rugged terrain!

The boot consists of 3 main parts:

  • The soles - We recommend pre-cut soles found at Pixie Faire. You'll need both 2mm foam/chipboard and 6mm foam. You can cut your own, but the pre-cuts save time and are perfectly sized!
  • The lower boot - This portion is designed to be made with a vinyl material. We recommend marine vinyl, found at most craft and fabric stores. It's final on one side and polyester fabric backed on the other. It's lightweight and flexible, easy to mold to the shape of the shoe sole.
  • The Upper Boot - This portion can be made in a variety of fabrics. Your an use vinyl, nylon, corduroy, or even quilting cotton! Lightweight fabrics should be interfaced, try fusible fleece for a cozy look and feel!

The additional supplies needed are:
  • Eyelets or D Rings for lacing
  • Cord for lacing
  • Double sided Quilters Tape
  • Non-stick Pressor Foot
  • Hot Glue Gun

We've got a full kit ready to ship to your door! Find the Big Bear Dorel Boots Kit in the Pixie Packs section.


Finished with Part 1? Continue the Dorel Boots Sew-along in Part 2 CLICK HERE



September 26, 2023

Be sure to stitch parallel to the existing rows of stitching


September 26, 2023

With the diamond fabric you could sew a seam between each of the rows of stitching to make the diamonds a smaller scale.


December 14, 2022

8" X 12" vinyl sheets used for jewelry also work great for shoes! I love to cobble shoes and will try anything at least once! I have yet to use this particular pattern so I am looking forward to all of the advice!

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