Sewing The Dorel Boots: The Finishing Details

Welcome back! Are you ready to finish up these adorable boots? In Part three we continue with the sew-along for the Dorel Boots with a look at creating the lower portion of the boot and attaching it to the shoe sole. So, gather up your supplies and let's get these boots finished!


Follow along in this video as I show you how to cut the vinyl, attach the upper boot to the lower boot, and then attach it to the pre-cut soles.

Additionally, for this section, you will need a hot glue gun & glue. I love the one that I am using in the video! It has a handy stand that makes it very easy to use! It's by Lynn Lilly of Craft Box Girls, sold HERE.



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Chris Bell
Chris Bell

January 25, 2023

This was a great video. I learned how to use my crop a dial, I didn’t know to. punch the holes first and could only make a mess of them. I also didn’t think to use the double-sided tape to secure the parts for ease of construction. You make it all look so easy. Thank you for showing how to make these.

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