Sewing With Ribbon - Overview and Organization Tips

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the topic, Sewing With Ribbon! In this 4-part series we will demonstrate various ways to use ribbon in your sewing projects! Shari, Donna, and I will be teaching together throughout this topic and are excited to have you follow along! 

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OK, back to the topic, here's more from Shari....

Happy New Year Everyone! I am starting out the new year in a new sewing studio. As you can see, it is a work in progress, but I am already loving having more space to work.

We have a fun topic for you this month that we can literally will literally wrap up and tie our New Year celebrations with a – ribbons! Ribbons come in an endless array
of colors, styles, and sizes that can be used in all sorts of creative ways for embellishments, adornments, decorations, and awards. In this series, we are going to look at a few different ways to use ribbons to add a dash of fun to your doll-size projects.

For our first project, Cinnamon will be showing us how to piece lengths of ribbon together to create a kind of ribbon fabric that she will use to make an adorable bed top for the Snuggle and Store tote.

Donna will be demonstrating how to apply flat ribbon to her Art Deco Dress and Bag. Add a simple stroke of color with a straight length of ribbon or follow her technique for making mitered corners to create a work of art.

Finally, I will be showing you a couple of ways to manipulate ribbon to create beautiful trims that will take your Victorian Era or Special Occasion outfit to the next level.

Before I can get started however, I need to find my ribbon! My studio is a disorganized mess and the extra space won't do me much good it I don't figure out how to utilize it well. So, I think we'll kick things off this week by looking at some ways I can bring some order to my workspace by looking at ways to organize my ribbons and trims and maybe give you some good ideas in the process.

Follow along in this next video to see how both Shari and Donna are organizing their ribbons in their sewing studio spaces:



Shelves Shown in Donna's Studio can be found on Amazon:

Wall-mounted Floating Shelves

Clear Shoebox Containers


Shari's Magnetic Mason Jar Project:

1" or larger Rare Earth Magnets. These can be found online or at hardware store.

Pint size mason jars with metal lids. (check to make sure they are magnetic)

A magnetic surface to hang the jars from - sheet metal, cookie sheet, magnetic dry erase board, or metal lids that can be mounted underneath a shelf or on a wall





January 08, 2022

We all need organization help when it comes to ribbon and trims. Thank you!

Pamela W
Pamela W

January 05, 2022

I’m getting my new sewing room set up so these ideas are helpful. Given my tendency toward clutter, though, I’m not sure it will turn out anywhere near as lovely as both of yours!


January 05, 2022

Love this topic!! Thank you Shari and Donna for such great ideas on how to store ribbon!!!!

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