Sewing With Striped Fabrics Master Class Video Course


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Sewing With Striped Fabrics Course Overview:

Welcome to the topic of Sewing With Striped Fabrics! Incorporating stripes into your designs can be both interesting and challenging. There are many types of striped fabrics and many ways to use them in your garments. Over the course of this topic we will take an in-depth look at the different types, the proper scale, how to successfully cut out pattern pieces, and how to sew them with everything lined up! I am joined by both Shari and Donna for this topic too! Let's jump on in and take a closer look at sewing with striped fabrics together!

The topic will be broken into these installments:

  • Part One: The Topic Overview  with an in-depth look at striped fabrics
  • Part Two: How to Cut, sew, and determine the scale of your striped fabrics.
  • Part Three: Looking at the symmetry of stripes, balanced vs. unbalanced, keeping things on grain, and placing accent pieces like pockets.
  • Part Four: Fun with stripes! Pleating on the stripe and creating a sun ray pleated design.


        About The Curriculum: You will receive a PDF course guide with information and video download links. The content for the course is broken down into a four-part series, each with in-depth video instruction. The videos can be streamed online or downloaded for offline viewing.

        Note - This is the same course offered in June 2021 through the Sewing With Cinnamon Membership.


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