Love From Lola Amelia Bobbie Pattern Mash-Up

Did you know that many patterns can be used interchangeably? In this patten hack, Laura the designer of Love from Lola, shows us how to combine the Bobbie top with the skirt portion from the Amelia pattern to create a darling wrap-front dress for an 18-inch American Girl doll! Follow along to see how it's done!

To start you will need the following pattern pieces from Bobbie:

  • A - Front
  • B - Yoke
  • C - Back
  • D - Collar
  • E , F, or G - Sleeve
  • J1 & J2 - Band, tie closure piece 1
  • K - Band, tie closure piece 2
  • L1 & L2 - Band, tie closure piece 3

You will also need the following pattern piece from Amelia:

  • H - Skirt


Let's Get Started:

A few modifications will need to be made prior to cutting out your fabric.

Bobbie Pattern Pieces: Start with the Band pieces K and L1/L2 from Bobbie. Using the center fold marking as your guide measure 1⁄4 inch below that line and mark. Cut at the line you just made. Discard the bottom portion.

Mark both new band pieces as Cut 2.


Amelia Pattern Pieces: A few markings will also need to be changed on the skirt (H1/H2) from Amelia.Add a marking along the center back edge to cut on fold.Mark the piece as Cut 1 on fold.

Use these new pattern pieces to cut out your fabric.

Follow steps 1-11 in Bobbie to make the bodice.
Skip to step 18 and follow that step to start making what will be the waistband.

1. With right sides together, and matching the notch, stitch piece 1 between band pieces 2 (K) and 3 (L).


2. With right sides together, pin this piece to the bottom edge of the bodice matching the proper left side seam with the seam on the waistband. Do Not stitch yet.


3. With right sides together, and matching the notch, stitch the remaining two band pieces 2 (K) and 3 (L) together.


4. With the right side of the band facing the wrong side of the bodice, pin to the bottom edge. The bodice will be sandwiched between the two waistband pieces. Stitch as shown.


5. Turn the waistband right side out and press.


6. Make a small clip at the center front on the main waistband piece.


7. Right sides together sew two short ends of the ruffle together. Press the seam allowance open.
Hem one long edge of the ruffle by pressing the edge under 1⁄4 inch and an additional 1⁄4 inch. Stitch.

8. Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of each ruffle strip.
*We recommend sewing two rows of gathers, one at a scant 1⁄4 inch and another at 3/8 inch. 
Pull the gathers to fit the edge of the skirt, and with right sides together pin the ruffle to the lower edge of the skirt piece. Stitch. Serge or zigzag to finish the edge.


9. Press the seam allowance towards the skirt. Topstitch to secure. Remove
any visible gathering threads. Sew a gathering stitch along the top edge of the skirt.

10. Pull the gathers to fit the waistband. With right sides together, pin the skirt to the main waistband keeping the lining portion of the waistband out of the way. Stitch. Press the seam allowance towards the waistband.


11. Press the edge of the waistband lining piece under 1⁄4 inch. Pin, covering the seam allowance. This seam can be either hand stitched or machine stitched. If machine stitched start with the proper left portion of the waistband. Keeping the tie out of the way stitch, stopping at starting at the tie.

12. Repeat this with the proper right side stitching around the edge of the tie as well.

Try on your doll and tie at the waist to secure!



Elenoir Higginsworth
Elenoir Higginsworth

March 07, 2023

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November 26, 2022

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Pndtkf Lg

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Sandra Allen
Sandra Allen

July 07, 2022

Thankyou ! I am going to try this it is so cute!


June 24, 2022

where do we get the info on the coke


June 24, 2022

Love the smash-up! Very cute look. I know the question is off point, but dying to know, where did you find the coke six pack???

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