September 22, 2016



Di's Dolly Designs Pattern Hack: Native American Indian Girl Outfit

Learn how to make a Native American Indian Girl outfit with this fun pattern hack that comes to us from Edith Sheluga of Di's Dolly Designs.


Some of you may already be familiar with the All Dolled Up pattern which features a dolman sleeve top and skirt, which is just perfect for nearly any special occasion.  Edith will show you how to transform the top from this pattern into the perfect Native American outfit.

(Click on the image or the link above to find the pattern on Pixie Faire.)

Let's get started...

Supplies Needed:
-All Dolled Up Pattern Pieces for top numbers 1 to 5
-1/2 yard of woven fabric
-8 inches of velcro


Step 1:  Modify Top Front and Back pattern pieces by adding 6 inches to the length of the
top and removing 1/2 inch from sleeve length. Modify Ruffle Bib by removing the 1/4 inch shoulder seam.

Step 2:  Cut fabric. After cutting fabric you will have cut out one modified front, two modified backs, one ruffle bib, one front facing and two back facings.

Step 3:  Before sewing fringe the sleeve edge and bottom edge on the Front and Back Top. Cut the fringe 2 inches deep and 1/4 inch wide.

Step 4:  Before sewing the Ruffle Bib, cut fringe around the bib so it is 1/4 inch wide at
bottom edge and goes from bottom edge to 3/4 inch from neckline edge (it will be narrower near neckline). If the fabric is hard to cut ironing freezer paper to back of fabric makes it easier to handle.

Step 5:  Start sewing at step 4 of instructions and pin ruffle bib”s wrong side facing the
right side of front top only around neckline. The bib will end 1/4 inch from shoulder seam.

Step 6:  Continue following pattern till step 9. Sew dolman shoulder seam from neckline
edge to slightly above the fringe, backstitching at the fringe edge. Continue following the instructions eliminating the sleeve hems.

Step 7:  Instruction step 21 & 22 - Sew side and sleeve bottom seam from edge of fringe
at sleeve bottom to edge of fringe at top bottom, backstitching at beginning and

Step 8:  Eliminate steps for bottom hem. Follow instructions to add Velcro using 8 inches
of Velcro.

Step 9:  Finished dress can be decorated with braid, ribbon, beads or just cinched with a


Congratulations!  You've just completed your pattern hack!

Edith and the PF Team 



April 06, 2017

I just made two of these Indian Costumes and turned out marvelous!! Check the pattern to see the images and reviews!!! Thanks Di’s for such a great option!! I love it when a pattern has many reuses! You nailed this one!!


January 21, 2017

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Annette Kennedy
Annette Kennedy

January 05, 2017

Thank you! I found this adaptation and will make it for my First Nation doll….have a lovely piece of thin soft leather!! Love Pixie Faire……..


January 05, 2017

Easy to sew and the more simple designs for native clothes feel more authentic too.


January 03, 2017

Ran across this by chance, love this pattern there are a group of us who sew for Lakota Children at Pine Ridge There will be some dolls sporting this outfit very soon ! Thanks E


October 29, 2016


R Burkholder
R Burkholder

October 27, 2016

What a cute adaptation!

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