September 18, 2018




How To Turn The T-Shirt Into A Ruffle Dress - LJ Pattern Hack


Hello everybody! In this pattern hack tutorial, we add something new to the Bell Sleeve T-Shirt pattern hack to create a darling Ruffle Dress!

We are using the LJ T-Shirt Variations pattern for this hack with the sleeve style demonstrated in the Bell Sleeve pattern hack. You can make this ruffle dress with any variation of the sleeve styles from the t-shirt pattern, including the cap sleeve or tank top from either of the free Liberty Jane patterns.

It's super easy to do -- all you have to do is add a bit of length and a ruffle to the hemline, and then continue on with the regular pattern instructions to complete the dress. (Click on the image, or the link above, to view this pattern on Pixie Faire...) 


Let's get started:

1. Before cutting out your T-shirt pattern pieces, extend the side and center lines of the shirt Front and Back by 1/2" and draw a new line across the bottom.  Use these new pieces to cut out your T-shirt/dress (referred to as the "dress" from now on.)

2. For the bottom dress ruffle, cut one fabric strip 2 3/8" x 15 1/2" for the front, and cut two 2 3/8" x 7 3/4" pieces for the back (or you can just cut one strip 2 3/8" x 30"). 


3. With right sides together, pin then sew a back piece to each end of the front piece to make one long strip.  If you are up-cycling a small T-shirt and don't have quite enough fabric for a ruffle that long, go ahead and make it a bit shorter.  A little variation in ruffle length will not affect the end result much as long as the gathers are evenly distributed around the dress.

4. Note: For bell sleeves, use the detailed instructions found in the "Bell Sleeve Pattern Hack.” or simply use any sleeve style found in the pattern. Continue following directions for the original Liberty Jane T-Shirt construction omitting the final T-shirt hem. Instead of sewing a hem, you will sew on the ruffle.

Press under one long edge of the ruffle 3/8” and sew a straight stitch to create a hem. (A twin needle will create a nice finished hem!) Sew a basting stitch along the opposite raw edge of the dress ruffle. Pull threads to gather the ruffle to match up with the bottom edge of the tee/dress body.

5. With right sides together, pin the lower ruffle to the bottom of the dress, adjusting gathers so they are evenly distributed around the front and back, matching centers and side seams of dress and ruffle.  (It is always helpful to mark the center of the dress and ruffle pieces so you can match them for even distribution of gathers.)  Sew the ruffle to the dress bottom. 

6. Press seam up toward dress.  Topstitch close to the seam, catching the seam allowance under the topstitching.

7. Unlike the t-shirt with a full open back, we will sew the base of the dress together at center back to create a nice finished look.

Starting from the bottom of the ruffle hem and matching seams, right sides together, sew up the back 3" using a 1/2” seam allowance. Press the seam allowance to the RIGHT side.  Apply a 5 1/2" long piece of hook and loop tape above the sewn back seam (look for more detailed instructions in the original T-Shirt Pattern), starting from the neckline and working downward.







Congratulations! You've just hacked a pattern successfully!

Thanks for following along, and have fun with this!

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