Pleated Vintage Playsuit Skirt Forever 18 Inches Pattern Hack


Use the Forever 18 Inches Playsuit Skirt pattern to create a whole new style of skirt! A few simple modifications and a fun little twist - give this an on-trend look for the modern girl!

***These directions only take the place of "Step 3" in constructing the Forever 18 Inches "Vintage Playsuit Skirt."  Please read through and follow all other directions in the original pattern, including steps 1 and 2.  "Step 5" also has a modification when applying the waistband.  More on that later on...

To make this adorable skirt even more versatile, you can make soft pleats (not ironed) in the "back" and it can be worn both frontwards and backwards!  (However, you might wish to omit the pockets since they might be considered a bit odd worn on the back of the skirt.) 

You will be making fold marks in both directions from the center point and folding four 1/2 inch pleats in toward the center from both directions.  The remaining sections on each side of the pleats will be gathered as indicated in the pattern.


Begin by following steps 1 and 2 in the original pattern.  


Take the skirt panel and mark the center (large yellow pin in the picture above).  Now mark every 1/2 inch from the center point, going both directions until you have 11 marks on each side of the center point, a total of 23 marks.


Taking note of the colors of the pins in picture 2, start with the purple pin at the far left. Working toward the right, make a 1/2 inch folded pleat by matching the purple pin line to the closest yellow pin line toward the right. The blue pin will be hidden inside the fold and can now be removed and used to secure the first pleat. Next, bring the 2nd purple pin line to the 2nd yellow pin line; the blue pins will always be hidden inside the folds.  Pin to secure the second pleat. Repeat for the 3rd and 4th pleats, ending at the CENTER YELLOW PIN. 


Now it's time to change direction.  Starting from the purple pin at the far right and working toward the left, make a 1/2 inch folded pleat by matching the purple pin line to the closest yellow pin line toward the left, hiding the blue pin inside the fold as before.  Pin pleat.  Repeat for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pleats, again ending at the CENTER YELLOW PIN. 


You now have 4 pleats folded toward the center from the left, and 4 pleats folded toward the center from the right. 


Baste all pleats to secure, matching stripes, if applicable. 


Baste 2 rows of gathering stitches along upper edge on each side of the pleats, beginning one inch from skirt edges and ending 5/8 inch from where pleats begin. 


Modifying Step 5 in the original pattern -- Applying the waistband:

Pin center of the skirt to center of waistband, right sides together.  Keep pinning the skirt's pleated section to the waistband, then adjust gathers on each side and pin to the rest of the waistband, matching ends of the waistband with skirt edges.  Sew as directed in the original pattern. 


Complete the skirt by following the directions provided in the original Forever 18 Inches "Vintage Playsuit Skirt" pattern.  (As mentioned previously, the pockets are optional with the pleated variation, unless you don't mind wearing them in back. when the pleats are worn in front.)


You now have two classic vintage looks in one skirt!

 Looking for a pattern to make that cute top shown with the skirt?  Check out the Nautical Top and Removable Collar pattern, also from Forever 18 Inches. 

Congratulations! You've just hacked a pattern successfully!

Thanks for following along! We hope you enjoy your new skirt!

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Sue Camp
Sue Camp

January 11, 2019

I know when I look at these patterns I well find something awe some. My 4 grand daughters just love what I make them. Thank You

Pat P
Pat P

October 06, 2018

I believe it is the Nautical Top & Removable Collar 18" Doll Clothes Pattern by Forever 18 inches.


October 05, 2018

Please tell me what the pattern is for this blouse shown with the skirt. I think it’s very original and I would like to make one like it. Thanks very much.

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