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December 26, 2020


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How To Make Doll Size Sparklers For The New Year

Do you light sparklers at New Year’s? Let's ring in 2021 with some extra bling with some doll-sized sparklers! They are great for your New Year’s Eve party, but later they can be used for the Fourth of July, birthday parties, doll weddings, or any special occasion. They are also easy to customize to your favorite doll’s scale! Follow along as we show you how to make them.

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The Wildflower Maxi Dress - A Pixie Faire Pattern Hack

Surely by now you’ve seen a dress (or made one) from Buzzin Bea’s Wildflower Dress Pattern. It is sooo pretty and has so many fun options. Recently @forofsuch was inspired by all the ads for cute women’s dresses seen in her IG stories to make a maxi dress for her dolls!

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October 14, 2020


1980s Fashion Trends - Designers Scrapbook

We've put together the ultimate resource guide to recreating the quintessential fashion favorites of the 1980s for your 18-inch doll such as American Girl®. What better way to reflect on this fashion era than through the eyes and memories of Pixie Faire designers! I think many of us are still in shock that this is considered a historical time period - thanks American Girl! But seriously, here's a fun look at eighties fashions in all their glory!

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October 06, 2020


How To Bleach Denim To Get An Acid Washed Look For Dolls

Follow these instructions to give your completed doll denim items a fresh 80’s look! Bleached denim is coming back in style now, so even your modern girls can enjoy this fashion trend.

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September 21, 2020


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80's Style Oversized Off The Shoulder Tee - A Liberty Jane Pattern Hack

Here's another fun look keeping with the 80’s fashion theme! Remember that iconic look when girls would wear an off-shoulder oversized shirt and a cool belt? This style was often paired with leggings and scruched slouchy socks, ankle boots, or those super stylish leg warmers! Well, this week we wanted to share a quick and easy pattern hack of the Liberty Jane Off Shoulder Tee pattern with you so you can bring this look front and center for our dolls eighties styled wardrobes!

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September 14, 2020


How To Permanently Curl Doll Hair

Have you ever wondered if you can curl your dolls hair? Well, with all the talk of the new 1986 Historical Character from American Girl®, we've wondered that very thing and are super excited to bring you this tutorial created by @forofsuch. She's recently joined the Pixie Faire team as a contributing content creater, and she has so many great ideas for crafts and tutorials, so be sure to stay tuned for more amazing posts!  Read on to learn the process and then decide if you want to try this out on your own!

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How to Make a Doll-Sized Scrunchie

How to Make a Doll-Sized Scrunchie

We've put together this super quick and easy tutorial to make your own doll-sized scrunchie! This adorable hair accessory is perfect for recreating your favorite '80s look or capturing the cool-girl look with modern styling. 

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