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The Weekend Wear Cropped Hoodie Pattern Hack

As winter transitions to spring, your dolls need some cozy new hoodies! Our guest blogger @graceloves2bake hacked the Weekend Wear Pullover Hoodie to create a cute and simple cropped hoodie and in excited to share it with us here on the Pixie Faire blog. It’s just short enough to be trendy and just long enough to be modest and warm! It sews up super fast and doesn’t involve hook and loop tape or a zipper!

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February 09, 2022


How To Make Skis and Ski Poles For Your 18 Inch Doll

Winter is in full swing! The slopes are packed with snow which means it's time to get your gear together and head out to the mountains! Whether you're dreaming of being as great a skier as your favorite Olympic champion, or you're just in it to have fun & create lasting memories - we've got a tutorial you're sure to love! Follow along as we show you how to make skis and ski poles for your 18-inch doll! 

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February 02, 2022


How To Make A Doll Sized Olympic Torch

The Winter Olympics are upon us again, and if you’re like us, you’ve always wanted to be a part of it! Here is a quick craft that will make you feel like you are there, ready to witness all of the amazing things that happen at the Olympics. Follow along to make your doll her very own 2022 Olympic torch!!

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How To Make A Bed for Your 8-inch Caring For Baby Doll

Do you have one of the tiny 8-inch baby dolls, such as the one from the Caring For Baby set from American Girl? Check out this crafty tutorial to make a darling little bed that's just the right size!

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How To Make A Doll-Sized Jump Rope!

We can’t believe it’s a new year already! With a new year, comes new goals. For many, it's time to make fitness a priority and we'd love to get our dolls in on that action too! Fitness should be fun, right? One way to exercise and play at the same time is by jumping rope! It’s fun to do by yourself or with a group. So join along in this tutorial with us and make your doll a jump rope that can look like it’s really in action!

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December 21, 2021


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Christmas 2021 Cookie Exchange For Dolls!

Check out this delicious post with Shari Fuller! She's sharing her favorite holiday cookie recipes with us! Yum!! Even better they are doll-sized which is just too cute!

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie recipe? I'd love to know! Let's make this a cookie exchange and you can share your favorite in the comments below!

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December 07, 2021


How To Make An Inkwell For Dolls Such As Felicity

Does your historical character doll love to write? Maybe she needs a new set of writing essentials!  In this three-part tutorial series we'll show you how to make items for dolls such as Felicity Merriman, that she would have used in her reading and writing lessons all the way back in 1774!

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