Doll Tips & Tutorials

Ruby Red Fashion Friends™Doll Review

We’ve put together the ultimate Resource Guide for Ruby Red Fashion Friends™ dolls. Be sure to leave a comment and tell us which of these cute new dolls is your favorite and why. We love them because they are so fun to pose!

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April 27, 2020


Tips to Organize Your Sewing Space

The Ultimate Resource Guide To Sewing Room OrganizationWe've put together the ultimate resource guide to organizing your sewing space. Our hope is that these tips help you to have a craft or sewing space that inspires you and motivates you to create something amazing!

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DIY Derby Day Fashion For Dolls

Derby Day Fashion Resource GuideThe world-famous Kentucky Derby is traditionally held on the first Saturday in May. Though this year the race has been postponed, this springtime event can still be recreated at home for our dolls. Sure, some think the focus is on the horses, but we know it's really all about the fashion!

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How To Make Shoes For Dolls

How To Make Doll ShoesWe’ve put together the ultimate resource guide to making your own shoes for dolls, including 18-inch dolls such as American Girl®, 14.5-inch dolls such as WellieWishers™, and more!

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How to Create Perfect '70s Outfits For Dolls

How To Create a 1970s Outfit For 18-inch dollsWe've put together the ultimate resource guide to recreating the quintessential fashion favorites of the 1970s for your 18-inch doll such as American Girl®.

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Hip-Hugger Maxi Skirt Pattern Hack

Hip Hugger Maxi Skirt Pattern Hack

Back in the 1970s, young women used to turn their jeans into maxi skirts by opening the center seams and leg inseams, then re-attaching them in a different configuration.  With minor modifications, the Flossie Potter Hip-Hugger Bell Bottoms pattern can replicate this iconic design!

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March 30, 2020


How To Make A Stuffed Animal For Your Doll

How to make a pet for 18-inch dolls

Is your 18-inch doll in need of a new furry friend? We have put together the ultimate resource guide to making your own one-of-a-kind plush toy animal. First you will need to choose your pattern, then this post will guide you through mastering the process of creating your perfect plush pet. 

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