Sewing Tips & Resources

Sew Along: Understanding Your Sewing Machine

HI! I'm Cinnamon, from Liberty Jane Clothing. Follow along as I show you how to use a sewing machine. Got sewing questions? Ask them in the comments, I'll try to answer them in upcomming videos :)

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Sew Along: How-To Sew the Trendy T-shirt

Now that you've got the t-shrt pattern cut out, now you are ready to start sewing! Follow along as Melinda shows you how to sew the LJ Trendy Tee!


Sew Along: How To Cut Out the Trendy T-Shirt Pattern

Follow along as Melinda from Liberty Jane shows you how to cut out the trendy t-shirt pattern.

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Sew Along: The Empire Peacoat

Here's a tutorial video by Kittzykk showing how to sew the Empire Peacoat pattern. Enjoy!